9 Mar 2009

Relictors Assault Chaplain (Chaplain #1)

I've been busy sorting out a grotty dirty scummy house I own and rent after the tenant did a bunk owing 2 months rent and never cleaning... what do I pay the rental agency management fee's for? All done now, I would live there again.
Anyway, since I was down the southern end of the country, I popped over to Porn-Star-Jedi's place for a wee battle. Battle report coming... but my surprise for him was this little beauty. He was an Ebay purchase, touched up and based and painted in Relictor colours from a rather decent job before hand as a Blood Angel. I sold my unpainted Chaplain of the same design for £6 so this guy cost me a tenner. Not bad.

Thanks, Siph.


  1. Just trying to speed things up? Surprised you didn't just paint up the bare guy.

  2. He took 20mins rather than the week it takes me normally, but I have a Chaplain in Termie Armour to do myself so don't worry - I will paint a Chaplain all by myself!


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