20 Feb 2009

Objectives and Terrain

I have been producing some terrain and objectives recently since 5th Edn is all about Objective stealing and true LoS. I am currently basing some Imperial City ruins and will get round to painting and basing a Fuel Storage Yard made from a CD-ROM stack packet and an old tin. But, in the meantime, I have produced something, albeit small, but never the less - finished.

The first one is a Fuel Dump Objective based on the example Objectives shown in WD and on the GW website. I used car spray for the shiny metallic red, this will be used again in the Fuel Storage Yard terrain piece, but more of a worn dirty appearance. Oil drums were from the Battlefield Accessories kit, pump made from a chopped up Hvy Stubber and Searchlight pintle and a few cans from Leman Russ accessories plus a FW fuel can piece.

I have recently discovered Micro Set and Micro Sol solutions for transfers. Buy some, its fab! Very useful for curved surfaces such as shoulder pads (or oil drums).

The terrain piece was produced using the barricades from the Battlefield Accessories kit. I guess this is hard cover, difficult ground for troops, dangerous ground for vehicles. This was made with a hardboard (dense fibre board) base cut with a jigsaw and sanded edges, then based as usual with modelling sand and PVA then painted to match my miniatures.


  1. Looks nice, I especially like the fuel drum piece.

  2. Awesome Siph - I have a fuel drum objective too, but I really REALLY like the pump you added, adds character!

  3. Great work. I think the fuel and eventually the terrain piece to go with it will make an awesome pair. Just having a pile of fuel for an objective begins to tell a story in itself!

  4. Cool fuel dump, thats a great objective/terrain piece.

  5. A very effective objective marker - I particularly like the pipework which makes it appear that it has recently been made use of.

  6. A manual fuel pump...brilliant! Great stuff.


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