16 Feb 2009

I'm still here...

I've realised there has been a lack of postal activity on my part. I'm still here, the emperor hasn't cast me down! -yet!

Quick update, I've completed my Razorback armed with twin linked lascannons, primed ready to snipe those nice new land speeders of Siph's, and have started on a couple of tyranid hunter marines. I've also got a surprises or three for Siph's pleasure.. photo's to follow soon...

I've also recently picked up an amazing bargain of a games table, 2, 2x4 boards that slot together finished off with forgeworld roads, buildings and more. I can't wait to have a battle or two on it!! The plan is to build onto the board in sections, including an open board for titan battles, a large industrial area and hopefully an imperial palace...


  1. nice board, although I don't think lascannons are subtle enough to snipe things, unless that thing is a titan i think that could be a snipe :P

  2. good point, well made!! they could be stealth snipping lascannons??

  3. glad you like the table guys, I've got big plans to expand it..

  4. That's a pretty sweet table. That would make for some sweet battle reports.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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