1 Feb 2009

Ultramarine Vindicator

This week, my Ultramarines have the addition of another mighty Vindicator to its ranks. This is a Forgeworld model, which has taken a while to complete. (To much on the go.)

The main issues I had to start with was the warping of the resin parts, a quick blow with a hair dryer sorted that out. I really rate the Forgeworld model over the GW one, I just feel the cannon looks menacing, I did a slight conversion on the side doors so that they are reversed.

A couple of coats of Ultramarine blue over a black undercoat, plus some boltgun metal in places was the theme for this model. The dozer blade was painted UB, then washed with Badab Black to give it a worn look. I like all my vehicles to look as clean as possible, it just doesn't seem right to have a dirty Ultramarine tank (maybe I'm mad).


  1. Looks nice. So the cannon is different from the standard gw one. I have yet to get my new MK II vindi together but I like the additional components with the side armor and fans in the new kit.

  2. where's the scratchbuilt one?

  3. The reversed side doors are a subtle but inspired choice - they really add to the overall feel of the tank.

  4. Thanks guys,

    eriochrome, indeed the new vindi has some very good componets, which will look great once complete.
    My converted Vindi will be making an appearance soon natsirtm. I'm going to post a in progess shot of it later today.

    jabberjabber, very true. The look of the tank overall is improved by the reverse doors.. however there is now a lack of a 'large surface' to add my transfers.. oh well!! lol


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