18 Feb 2009

Relictors Assault Terminator Sergeant w/ Thunderhammer & Storm Shield

I have been quietly plodding along since the completion of those Landspeeders, one or two projects on the go (as always) but thought I'd post a taster from my up and coming Terminator Assault Squad.

Here is Sergeant Abela. He has a FW Black Templars Storm Shield and a top of a Crozius Arcanum instead of a banner to mark him out from the rest of the squad (yet to be assembled). Banners on Close Combat troops don't make sense to me, so a nice figurehead instead suits his style of melee fighting.

I tried to dampen down the Templar's cross by only painting it Boltgun Metal with a few Badab Black washes and highlight up the skull icon in the centre with Fortress Grey and Skull White to echo the Chapter Badge in order to draw your eye to that part of the overall design. Hopefully you think Relictor first before thinking Black Templar.

The bone colour respirator/comms is due to him coming from the First Company, and indeed Insignium Astartes design of bone (similar to White for Codex Chapters etc.) coloured helmets for 1st Company Veterans.

The Thunder Hammer has been given a wash of Asurmen Blue to give a slight 'power' look. Flesh tones are Dwarf Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash and Elf Flesh highlights. As always, the blue and red 'lights/antenna/sensors/indicators?' are the same as those on the rear of the Landspeeder and on the front of the Marine Backpacks, just behind their heads.


  1. I certainly didn't think Black Templar at first glance -- he is distinctly Relictors. Nice attention to detail with the blue and red lights as well.

  2. Thats a very very cool model mate; good work!

    I, like jabber, didn't think BT's until you mentioned it in your description so I don't think you have to worry about it.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the squad...

  3. Doesn't look Templar to me. I like the end of the thunder hammer, how did you do that?

  4. Definitely not a Black Templar. Like the others, I didn't even think about the shields origins till you mentioned it. The scale of the shield is perfect for that guy though. I like it!

  5. Great looking terminator the Sgt. looks mean and definately not Black Templer.
    Strangely enough i've been making a homemeade thunder hammer and storm sheild for a terminator captain i bought at the weekend. I don't think it will look this good but i'll let you see it soon enough.

  6. Awesome! The flesh tone looks really good.

  7. Thanks everyone for the +ve feedback, I quite liked how he turned out too. Ron - the end of the thunder hammer was chopped off an unknown miniature i came across, small dwarf-like with a goat face and horns? Never found out what they are on coolminiornot or google? But I liked his hammer, so snipped off the face.

  8. This guys looking really good siph, can't wait to see the rest of the squad.

  9. Tasty, very tasty, I'm liking what you did here quite a lot!

    I have to agree with Oni, the flesh on the head looks great! Maybe my favorite part of a very well done model indeed!


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