13 Feb 2009

Look what came in the mail...

I had a delivery from Forgeworld and the Black Library today. Awesome bits and pieces.

I purchase a number of Red Scorpions' vehicle doors to make into some of the Relictors' own doors. The Red Scorpion design allowed a quick file down of the actual scorpion in the centre ring and using FW Skulls from the Purity Seal bundles, made them into the picture above. These will kit out my Veterans transport along with some Reinforced Armour and a Rhino Dozer Blade, whilst I have some Landraider doors and some Terminator Honour FW doors for two of my future Landraider projects plus some Reinforced Armour for one of the Landraiders and a Predator. Check out mine and Pornstarjedi's project lists in the side bar... they are quite big but its stuff we have bought already and not yet completed!

If you don't own a copy yet, go buy this mammoth book of lurvley pictures and drawings to get tonnes of inspiration from. It is bigger and heavier than the new 5th Edn. rulebook and packed full (over 400 pages) of humanity's greatest warriors in all their glory/infamy. Check out these pictures as a sampler (obviously better in the actual book!).


  1. Schweet stuff - I need to make a FW order while the pound is still weak.

  2. Great idea on the Relictors doors!

    I have the collected visions book too. It's a great book, and you are correct, full of inspiration for 40K projects!

  3. You've sparked my curiosity. I may have to buy one for myself now.

  4. Yeah i need to make an order aswell while the pound is weak... oh crap! I'm british :( well enjoy it while it lasts at this rate britain won't be there much longer we'll have had to sell all the landmass to bail out the banks... again

  5. The doors look good, nice simple conversion, your veterans will have a quality transport.
    I'm waiting for a Raptor set to arrive, so i can make a command squad razorback.

  6. Siph, I looked at getting the same book only a week ago...


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