31 Oct 2014

Weemen Prize Giveaway - Forgeworld Macharius Vanquisher Super Heavy Tank

And the winner is:


Well done, thanks for commenting and being a Follower. Leave your email in the comments section in plain text (so the nasty bot-readers don't get it ie (at) and (underscore) written out etc) and I'll delete once read, and email you to confirm details. Here's to another 500 posts and many more years.

And to everyone who commented, thank you for your words of encouragement and praise, you make the community that we love, not the haters and the comment trolls over at major blogs/forums...

Siph, Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree

27 Oct 2014

500th POST - Wow, Prize Giveaway!! Forgeworld Macharius Vanquisher Super Heavy Tank

Well, seems we have done okay with the blog so far... Lord Halfpenny, 6thDegree and myself (Siph) have been plodding away for a few years now and the Blog started as a forum where we could share eachother's work as we don't live in the same towns. Over time it grew into a sharing site for our ideas and painting and batreps etc. for anyone who would come read.

And looking at the Stats from Blogger, a few readers pass through every month. Thank-you all for dropping by and often leaving some constructive comments or praise. Thanks.

A few pictures here show the content from some of our projects, other than the Titans painted by Slayer Sword Winner 2014 - Richard Gray, the most popular picked up via Ron at From the Warp being the Sternguard Bolter Conversion and Lord Halfpenny's Landraider Terminus. Plus plenty of Daemon, Ultramarine, Relictor, Necron, Tyranid and Iron Warrior content along the way.
Now, as a thank-you and because we are feeling generous, we feel like giving away a single prize to a random Follower and Comment. All you have to do for a chance to win a genuine (not cheap Chinese copy-how I detest!) Forgeworld Macharius Vanquisher Super Heavy Tank worth over £110 is be a follower of the WeeMen Blog and leave a Comment to this post. Simples.

Once we randomly pick a comment/follower and let you know via the next post - contact us with your email and we can sort posting it to you!

It's here waiting for you. Thanks for following us and commenting here for a chance to win the prize!  Siph, Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree.

24 Oct 2014

Necron Warriors Squad #6 - Warriors 25-30

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is another update of the ever-living Necron Army, progress i feel I should share. So, another squad of 5 warriors done - but this also completes my Warriors (for now - I still have model spares a-plenty!)
But what makes this better is the picture below, all the Warriors to date, 30 of them and 3 of 4 Crypteks finished. They really do have a simple satisfaction of a job well done - indeed they are 'Legion' and woe any foe thinking they can just roll over these simple troops - we'll glance your fine War Machines to death!
Thanks for dropping in. See you soon. Working on a little different Necron next....

21 Oct 2014

Congrats to Richard Gray - Slayer Sword Winner 2014

It's not often you can say you have artwork and miniatures painted by a Slayer Sword Winner, however, as you may of read (They are still two of the most read posts here, see SideBar ) the artist Richard Gray painted my titans for me, and many well deserved congratulations to him for winning the Best in Show, Slayer Sword at the 2014 Warhammerfest UK (ex-Gamesday!)

Well done Rich, I will no doubt be sending you a Warlord Titan to match when FW get around to doing it!

Check out Richard's work here richardgraycreations and his winning ForgeWorld Thanata Siege-automata here! He is open for commission work if you want some awesome painted mini's.

And of course, more Titan Pics if you hit the Legio Astorum tab here.

20 Oct 2014

Necron Warriors Squad #5 - Warriors 20-25

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Just a simple update, another Squad of Warriors completed, same as before. 5 more done, 5 to go - then I have 3x10 warriors if I need them. Cheap, reliable, sometimes awesome glance-tastic Warriors. Coupled with a Voltaic Staff Cryptek can bring down Imperial Knights!
Thanks for stopping by. I'm back from overseas for a little bit, so I should make some progress with Necrons and more Relictor goodness....

17 Oct 2014

Necron Cryptek #3 and Warriors Squad #4 - Warriors 15-20

Hello Readers and welcome back to our humble blog. Here are my latest expansions to the ever-living (growing) Necron Army. This is the finished Cryptek made from the WFB Banshee and another Squad of Warriors.
The Warriors are nothing special, on purpose they are the same as the previous 3 squads, ideally they are identical as these are the basic Legion troop.
The third Cryptek I have made is from the WFB Banshee model, cut at the waist and a Necron Warrior Torso and a Lychguard Abyssal Staff used to make a decent Cryptek model.
Hope you like. Thanks for dropping by.

10 Oct 2014

Necron Crypteks - First 2 of 4 Completed

Hello good readers, welcome back. Here are my latest creations, two of the four Crypteks I am making from converted parts. Firstly, here's the one made from a WFB Wraith, wrists made from pieces of Praetorian Abyssal staff trimmed to fit the sleeves, the staff itself and a Deathmark head. Simple to do and my favourite one.
Secondly, the Cryptek made from a Warrior Torso and Legs, a finecast Cryptek arm, a Triarch Praetorian Abyssal Staff and a cod-piece from a Command Barge pulpit.
Here's how they both fit in with the Warrior Squads.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you like something here and get some ideas of your own.

8 Oct 2014

Iron Warriors - Hell Blade number two

 Hi everyone - today I'm showing off my second Hell Blade/counts-as-Heldrake. You can find the first here.

I've got to say, the quality of this build was much higher than the last - with less rough edges and the body only required minimal straightening - which was a piece of cake with the missus' hairdryer.

 I painted it up to match the first - so now they make a nice pair.
 The canopy on my first Hell Blade wasn't great - so I removed the panels to keep it open. This one was slightly better, but quite cloudy so I ended up painting the glass - it didn't turn out great, so thats something to practice some more.
 The engines were given the mandatory blue OSL.

For the base, I put together a little scene with a fuel pipeline that had been taken out by the Hell Blade in a strafing run and used the old tealight and stuffing to make a fire/smoke effect and a bit of liquid water effects as some spilled fuel that might ignite at any second.
Hope you like!

BTW - does anyone have any tips for taking pics of larger models? I like to use a backdrop, but even with A3 (what I used here) it forces me to get in tight to the model to be able to fit detail in frame.

6 Oct 2014

Necron Crypteks WIP

As I am aware, there is only one Necron Cryptek model, but at 25pts for a potential Imperial Knight killer with a Voltaic Staff (Haywire Assault 4) coupled with a squad of Gauss Flayers (glance on a 6) I had to get a few more than one Crypteks.

The above Finecast model was terrible, but I did my best and straightened the staff and fill holes, but the kit does come with two upheld arms, so a fumble in the bits box (annihilation barge/chariot piece) and a Triarch Praetorian Abyssal Staff, Warriors legs and torso and head swap with a spare one-eyed Immortal/Deathmark head and voila, two for the price of one.
After an article by Zen40K on converting Crypteks using WFB Banshee parts, I came up with the above and from the many posted already in various forums, the following from a WFB Wraith too.
I'll post when done. Thanks for stopping by.

2 Oct 2014

Battle Report- Imperial vs Iron Warriors over 12000 point battle (Picture Heavy)

The mighty forces of the Ultramarines, Imperial Guard and Knights clashed against an Iron Warrior force over a wrecked Imperial World- both forces looking to claim one of the mightiest spoils of war- a Warlord Class Titan. Marneus Calgar looked to claim the Warlord and return it to Mars- Whilst the Iron Warriors and Abbadon looked to claim the Titan and add it to the unholy crusade.
We both wanted to try out some new units, which aren't naturally available for our forces. The6thdegree had included a Fire Raptor, as well as 'borrowed' a Typhon from me to add a Lord of War to his Force. I was keen to use my new Kharybdis Assault Claw- These are not technically allowed in our respect lists, however we decided to allow this slight deviation of the rules.. [T6D – there are actually Forgeworld rules for Fire Raptor and Perturabo created the Typhon so I feel slightly justified…)

We had 6110 points a side for this huge 'old school floor battle'. (I was quite relieved that my Wife was happy to spend the day away from home having a Spa day... )

Lord Halfpenny's List included
  • Calgar and Tigurius
  • Master of the Forge on a (jet)bike and conversion beamer
  • 3 Knights
  • a Fell blade
  • 2 Assassins Vindicare and Eversor
  • Fire Raptor and StormTalon
  • Drop podding Sternguard
  • alleied IG (AM) 3 squads, a unit of 50 conscripts and command squad with Yarrick
  • Sicaran
  • Scopios
  • Centurions
  • Tactical marines
  • Scouts
  • Contemptor Dreadnoughts
  • Dreadnought with Autocannons
The6thdegree's force included
  • Typhon Siege Tank
  • Abaddon
  • Warpsmith
  • Sorceror (Lvl 3)
  • Daemon Prince (Lvl 3)
  • 4 x 10 CSMs (in Rhinos)
  • 2 x 20 Cultists
  • 9 Chosen
  • 7 Terminators
  • 3 Helbrutes
  • 2 Decimators
  • 3 x Heldrakes
  • Fire Raptor
  • 2 x 3 Obliterators
  • Vindicator
  • Havoc Squad
  • Land Raider
  • Forgefiend
Imperial Turn 1
  •  Drop Pod arrives on point, with the Sternguard in position to unleash their Melta combi weapons
  • The Kharybdis Drop pod with the Terminators and Calgar scatters slightly- but still in position to attack 6th’s flank
  • Fellblade opens fire on the Obilterators- scoring snake eyes to wound- (it might be one of those days..)
  • IW Land Raider destroyed by combined fire of the Sternguard and Knight Paladin
  • Vindicator destroyed by the second combat squad of Sternguard
  • Hellbrute killed by the Fellblade
  • 19 cultist killed by the Eversor in combat and the Kharybdis fire
  • 6 Cultists killed by the Scopius
  • Imperial Knight kills 4 Havocs with Battle cannon fire
Iron Warriors Turn 1
  • Knight Paladin taken out with fire from Havoks, lascannons and a hunter killer missile
  • 2 HP taken off another Knight (green)
  • A Sternguard, and a Storm Shield terminator are taken out by fire from the squad disembarked from the destroyed Land Raider and a Rhino respectfully
  • Close Combat- Chosen and Warpsmith charged into the 2 Sternguard Combat squad and killed them all - using superior (power) weapons.
  • Decimator and Hellbrute charge into combat with the Eversor and the Cultists. The Eversor takes out the Decimator with a Melta bomb- The Hellbrute in-return wounds the assassin three times - but all are saved due to the amazing reflexes (and dice rolling) of the Eversor [T6D – I weep over the rolling this turn…)
Imperial Turn 2
  • StormTalon and Fire Raptor arrive from Reserve, the drop pod roll was successful, but I opted to re-roll with Tigurius and the reserve roll was failed. 
  • Fire Raptor is hit by the Icarus- Stunning the crew
  • Fellblade destroyed the Rhino with Choas Marines disembarking, with further shooting killing the Warpsmith and several marines
  • Obilterators were taken out by combined fire of the StormTalon and Fire Raptor- with the Raptor scoring several 'snap fire' shots
  • Sicaran takes a HP of the Decimator
  • Knight (green) charged the Forgefiend- killing the machine of Chaos
  • Marneus and the Terminators charged the CSM that had disembarked the Rhino- killing them all
  • Eversor assassin saving more hits from the Hellbrute
 Iron Warriors Turn 2
  • 2 Helldrakes, Fire Raptor, Deamon Prince and Abbadon (and Termi retinue) arrive via Reserves
  • The Contemptor takes out one of the Helldrakes with Interceptor fire [T6D – booo!!!]
  • Abbadon and the Termis are deployed with Calgar in his sights.
  • Knight Paladin (green) is destroyed by Obilterators in the Bastion, and Lascannon fire from the CSM in the rhino, with the final HP wound been taken by the Fire Raptor ReaperAutocannons
  • The Knight Errant was also taken out by fire from both the Fire Raptor (spilt fire) and the Typhon
  • UM Fire Raptor destroyed by the Icarus Cannon- which scattered off the board
  • Chaos Terminators killed 3 Terminators from Calgar's squad with their shooting on arrival
  • Eversor takes a HP off the Hellbrute with meltabomb
  • Psychic phase saw a Pink Horror Herald arrive via a Sacrifice of a cultist. [T6D – not a bad T2!)

Imperial Turn 3
  • Fellblade took 2 HP off the Typhon, and destroyed the Hellbrute with Lascannons with split fire shooting
  • Contemptor took a HP off the Fire Raptor
  • other shooting was ineffective
  • Eversor destroyed the Hellbrute - resulting in all the remaining Cultists having rage
  • Calgar and the Terminators charged in to Abbadon and his retinue- 5 CSM terminators were killed, with all 3 UM terminators dying in response. Calgar and Abbadon are locked in combat with 2 other CSM terminators as backup
Iron Warriors Turn 3
  • Helldrake arrives from reserve and instantly takes out 4 assault marines with its flamer
  • Relic Contemptor is immobilised by fire from the Fire Raptor
  • Typhon damages the Fellblade- reducing it to 11 HP [LHP- the look on 6th face when I said it had 12 HP was a picture..]
  • Another Helldrake destroyed the Imperial Guard Deathstrike [T6D – that thing had me worried all game…]
  • StormTalon losses a HP to combined fire
  • Calgar and Abbadon continue the combat with both losing a wound a piece- 6th rolled a '1' for his daemon weapon [LHP- Oops..]
  • Eversor kills the last remaining Cultist - and moves into position to take Abbadon out [T6D – that’s called denial]

Imperial Turn 4

  • Shooting was ineffective 
  • Drop Pod arrived- with the tactical marines in position to cover any move towards the objective claimed by the scouts
  • Hunter and Contemptor killed the Helldrake
  • 6 CSM removed with shooting
  • Daemon Prince loses a wound
  • Calgar and the Eversor are obliterated by Abbadon and his mates in combat
Iron Warriors Turn 4
  • Daemon Prince flies over the large building- landing behind the Imperial Guard unit- killing 2 troopers with warp flame
  • 2nd Contmptor gets destoryed by the Helldrake's autocannon
  • Pink Horrors that had been previously summoned kills 6 tactical marines with Flames of Tzeentch
  • Typhon takes another HP off the Fellblade
  • Obilterators take a further 3 HP off the Fellblade

Imperial  Turn 5
  • Kharybdis takes out a Rhino and Cultists with split fire
  • Scout with Heavy Bolter killed further Cultists
  • Marine with the Missile Launcher destroyed the Helldrake with Flakk fire
  • Scopios killed 7 CSM's that had disembarked the wrecked Rhino
  • Fellblade and Centurions destroyed the Typhon
  • Sicaran and Contemptor finally blew the Fire Raptor out of the skies
  • The Master of the Forge killed the remaining Obilterator (with 6th rolling a '1' with only a 2 up required..)
  • Final part of the turn saw the Imperial Guard force - with both orders 'first rank fire, second rank fire,' and the Priest with 'The Righteousness of the Emperor' gave me 250 shots - which resulted in the 3 wounds required - plus a lot more to kill the Daemon Prince [T6D – ok…so not much left of my army now…a very harsh turn!]
Iron Warriors Turn 5
  • Scouts killed by Cultists
  • Shooting from the Obilterators killed the Scopios
  • CSM fired upon the Centurions with Plasma and Autocannon- killing one and wounding another
  • Charging from the Pink Horror saw the Daemon getting overwatched to death - Cultists couldn't reach with their charge.
We rolled off to see if there would be a turn 6.. and it was a 1- so no further turns.

As the dust settles over the battle grounds, victory points are checked- a 4-3 victory for the Imperium

Lord Halfpenny

Wow- what a battle, which was only 5 turns took a whole day to do. Battling over such a huge area was fun, it makes the battle more tactical as you know that units on one side of the deployment zone will not be able to help out the other side- simply down to the distances. I was really happy with how the Fellblade turned out - dominating the centre of the board. The Knights weren't as effective as I hoped - with them dying relatively quickly. I had planned for them to slowly work their way through the chaos forces - however this didn't happen at all with only the Forgefiend dying in combat. The Eversor was a beast - and I was really impressed with the new rules - The Vindicare similarly would have been good - if i wasn't for me forgetting that he was there... he blended into the Warlord too well... and on the Warlord front- I really enjoyed the look of the board (floor) the titan is massive- and was fun to use as a Line of Sight blocker.

Really enjoyable battle- here is to the next one!!!

A crazy battle – probably the biggest army I have controlled in a game before! General tactics for target prioritisation went out of the window fairly early-on after I found out that the Fellblade had 12HPs… Targeting the Knights first off was a must though – their high S, low AP blasts make a mess of my army and I had nothing that could stand up to them in combat – luckily though, their large base size meant that they kept getting hung up on terrain and Lord H couldn’t make use of their speed.
My weakest point was putting together a balanced Troop-heavy list. We had talked about using Tactical Objectives – and knowing that I can’t out-toy Lord H on the battlefield (you should see his geek-den – he has literally everything!) I hoped I would be able to use my Troops to claim objectives each turn. We forgot about Tactical Objectives though and Troops really aren’t that useful in a slugfest with super-heavies. Still, I was really happy that my (largely 40k-legal) army held up in an Apoc game. It’s a shame the Decimators and Helbrutes never really got stuck in – but maybe next time.
In the end though, the Golden Daemon stayed down south, which means we’ll have to schedule a rematch in the near future. And I think I might have some (much larger) toys of my own by then…
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