6 Oct 2014

Necron Crypteks WIP

As I am aware, there is only one Necron Cryptek model, but at 25pts for a potential Imperial Knight killer with a Voltaic Staff (Haywire Assault 4) coupled with a squad of Gauss Flayers (glance on a 6) I had to get a few more than one Crypteks.

The above Finecast model was terrible, but I did my best and straightened the staff and fill holes, but the kit does come with two upheld arms, so a fumble in the bits box (annihilation barge/chariot piece) and a Triarch Praetorian Abyssal Staff, Warriors legs and torso and head swap with a spare one-eyed Immortal/Deathmark head and voila, two for the price of one.
After an article by Zen40K on converting Crypteks using WFB Banshee parts, I came up with the above and from the many posted already in various forums, the following from a WFB Wraith too.
I'll post when done. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I have never had ANY luck with necron finecasts. I did an imotech for my buddy (or whoever you spell it). I broke his cloak while I was painting...it was that fragile.

    Like what you have so far with the crypteks. Wish I could get my buddy to diversify his force...all he ever plays is tesla destructor spam. He's going to be crying so much when his codex gets updated....there is so much fun stuff in the necron codex!!!!


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