8 Oct 2014

Iron Warriors - Hell Blade number two

 Hi everyone - today I'm showing off my second Hell Blade/counts-as-Heldrake. You can find the first here.

I've got to say, the quality of this build was much higher than the last - with less rough edges and the body only required minimal straightening - which was a piece of cake with the missus' hairdryer.

 I painted it up to match the first - so now they make a nice pair.
 The canopy on my first Hell Blade wasn't great - so I removed the panels to keep it open. This one was slightly better, but quite cloudy so I ended up painting the glass - it didn't turn out great, so thats something to practice some more.
 The engines were given the mandatory blue OSL.

For the base, I put together a little scene with a fuel pipeline that had been taken out by the Hell Blade in a strafing run and used the old tealight and stuffing to make a fire/smoke effect and a bit of liquid water effects as some spilled fuel that might ignite at any second.
Hope you like!

BTW - does anyone have any tips for taking pics of larger models? I like to use a backdrop, but even with A3 (what I used here) it forces me to get in tight to the model to be able to fit detail in frame.


  1. That's a wicked cool model. Really well done. Was hoping you put a tea light in the smoke, so you could have it flickering as a cool effect :).

    I like the way you pulled off the blue OSL, it's subtle and works well. Just a lovely well done model and base!

  2. Oh man, things like this are why I keep following this blog. This hellblade is awesome. Love what you've done with the base. Query: Where did you get the smoke thingy from?


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