21 Oct 2014

Congrats to Richard Gray - Slayer Sword Winner 2014

It's not often you can say you have artwork and miniatures painted by a Slayer Sword Winner, however, as you may of read (They are still two of the most read posts here, see SideBar ) the artist Richard Gray painted my titans for me, and many well deserved congratulations to him for winning the Best in Show, Slayer Sword at the 2014 Warhammerfest UK (ex-Gamesday!)

Well done Rich, I will no doubt be sending you a Warlord Titan to match when FW get around to doing it!

Check out Richard's work here richardgraycreations and his winning ForgeWorld Thanata Siege-automata here! He is open for commission work if you want some awesome painted mini's.

And of course, more Titan Pics if you hit the Legio Astorum tab here.

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