28 Aug 2010

Relictors Whirlwind

I have finally finished another Heavy Support choice for my Relictors growing Battle Company. I like the idea of a Whirlwind laying down suppresive fire over the heads of your own troops, and indirect fire at that.
The turret is fully moveable but I have fixed in the missile heads rather than bother with magnets for the Castellan missiles, or having half and half. The Smoke Launchers and Chain are from the Chaos Vehicle Frame, fitting in with my Relictors theme of dabbling with Chaos. As all my vehicles have, the Skull icon is from a Fantasy Shield sprue.
The huge skulls are taken from the Archaic Ruins and fit the Relictors Theme quite well.
It is my intention eventually to paint another Whirlwind and a Landspeeder with Command Frame Scanner to make a Suppresion Squadron Apocalypse Formation. The second will have the larger Castellan missile heads.

25 Aug 2010

Relictors Assault Squad pt4 - Sergeant

I've been progressing quite well this week with the squad after months of nothing. Today i finished off the Sergeant, it is the FW Red Scorpion Assault Sergeant body with Chaos Vehicle Accessory Head and normal Marine parts. The skull shoulder pad is from Chaos Marauders i think?
He has been raised slightly on the base using chopped pieces of sprue and GW basing sand with a tiny fleck of flock as I always do. I used a shaved down skeleton skull to adorn the combat/storm shield, it is painted to match the same skull design on his powerfist.
The scroll work and purity seals and detailing on this mini are great, if not time consuming to get done. Here is a shot with the rest of the squad so far. As always I'm aiming for full ten man squads to complete my Battle Company. All Tactical Squads are done, just 7 Assault Marines and 2 Devastator Squads to do. One Devastator Squad will be using the new FW Iron Armour. This is the 5th Company, 8th Squad, hence the numerals on the vents (V and VIII).
And lastly is a comparison between the first Assault Squad Sergeant i did a while ago and now. I think my painting style and skill have developed over time which is always nice to see.

22 Aug 2010

WIP Relictors Assault Squad pt3

I must be the world's slowest painter. Work continues at last on some of my Relictors after a hectic period. Thought I'd better update the blog at some point since my last post was way way back and I have the painting mojo back again. Yay!

The left and centre guys are newly done, the other two posted already. 4 down, 6 to go for this squad. Still got 2 to do from these guys twin squad but with Bleached Bone Vents and Weapons. But, I'm liking the dark feel of these for now...

18 Aug 2010

The Beginnings of Hive Fleet Thorn

So its been decided that the Tyranids are going to be my weapon of choice but as much as I was looking forward to returning to my ‘Nids, my experience with them in the 2nd Gen era filled me with dread (but that could just be the Shadow in the Warp…) – namely buying and painting the same Termagaunt models 50 times over.

Luckily the advent of the plastic multipart boxes and eBay has made this a lot less painful than I first thought.

My general tactic for ‘Nids is to overwhelm the opposition with sheer numbers (no duh…), so after recapping what units I would need to create a usable 750 point list, I hopped online to begin putting together a swarm of gaunt broods with a light smattering of monstrous creatures.

Whilst the army is smaller than 1000pts, I would be running with a Tyranid Warrior Prime as my HQ unit of choice. Coming in at half the cost of a Hive Tyrant and giving a nice WS & BS boost to its Warrior brothers, I felt the Tyranid Warrior Prime was going to be more effective in the first few skirmishes whilst I was re-learning to play.

I have always been more of a painter than a player, but being over a decade out of practice, I wanted to keep my Hive colour scheme simple, yet effective.

What I have tried to go for is an organic look – with a mottled green flesh effect to make all of the units appear slightly unique (this isn’t uniform armour after all) and a dark carapace that goes from black through purple to green with yellow highlights. All this is topped off with a gloss varnish coat for an extra wet effect.

The carapace didn’t go to plan – my original vision was to reproduce the oily effect of a Scarab Beetle’s black carapace, but for some first attempts, I am generally pleased with the final results and it gives me something to work on.

Now I just have to get my WeeNids into a game.

13 Aug 2010

Land Raider Terminus 'Invictus'

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of current posts on the Weemen site, Siph has been away with work and I have taken a new job which has seen me living in away from home each week, thus time for blogging has been reduced over the last few months.

I would like to welcome the6thdegree to Weeman, and look forward to seeing his posts on his tyranid army! (I can now paint up my dead nid's on my veterans to match the nid scheme!)
Following a recent post regarding the WIP of my Land Raider Terminus, I am proud to be able to show you the near finished project. The final parts will be to transfer up the tank, and add a couple of the forgeworld brass etchings to finish the 'titan killer'.
As you can see I opted to not use the standard GW terminus kit. I felt that the tank looked OK, but could look better with the way the weapons were positioned. Also the 'godhammer' lascannons could not be positioned correctly straight ahead due to the single lascannon sponsons. As discussed in the WIP, I found the inspiration from finding in my games drawer a LR with a predator turret sat on the chassis, - thus the invictus terminus was born!
I hope you like the results, I'm pleased with the way the tank looks. The tank itself looks bigger than a normal land raider, which was the effect I wanted. I have also given the tank Chronus- I mean, who wouldn't want 5 BS5 lascannon's with 3 twin linked re-rolls!!

6 Aug 2010

Scuttling soon to Weemen; The ‘Nids!

Hi guys – I’m a long time friend of both pornstarjedi and the ‘Nids, and have been on the wagon and clean from GW’s addictive plastic goodness for about 11 years now.

Unfortunately, the combined efforts of pornstarjedi and a few other friends finally wore down my defences and once again my geeky side is exposed to the world of 40K.

So, after succumbing to peer-pressure, I once again went to pick up my trusty paint brush and tape measure – but first a very important question needed be asked…..which army?

The first stop was the GW website to check out the progress that had been made in my absence – and everything looked soooo good. Basically I was left with going through each army and looking at their pro’s and con’s. In the end I had managed to rule out all but Necron, Tau and ‘Nids. I was primarily a painter over a player, so ruled out the Necron (there’s only so many metallic’s I can stand). This left the awesome looking (and checking out some rules – fighting) Tau and the ‘Nids – as there is already a Tau player in my group of friends; back to the Hive it is!

Image taken from ingeneri.com
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