25 Aug 2010

Relictors Assault Squad pt4 - Sergeant

I've been progressing quite well this week with the squad after months of nothing. Today i finished off the Sergeant, it is the FW Red Scorpion Assault Sergeant body with Chaos Vehicle Accessory Head and normal Marine parts. The skull shoulder pad is from Chaos Marauders i think?
He has been raised slightly on the base using chopped pieces of sprue and GW basing sand with a tiny fleck of flock as I always do. I used a shaved down skeleton skull to adorn the combat/storm shield, it is painted to match the same skull design on his powerfist.
The scroll work and purity seals and detailing on this mini are great, if not time consuming to get done. Here is a shot with the rest of the squad so far. As always I'm aiming for full ten man squads to complete my Battle Company. All Tactical Squads are done, just 7 Assault Marines and 2 Devastator Squads to do. One Devastator Squad will be using the new FW Iron Armour. This is the 5th Company, 8th Squad, hence the numerals on the vents (V and VIII).
And lastly is a comparison between the first Assault Squad Sergeant i did a while ago and now. I think my painting style and skill have developed over time which is always nice to see.


  1. Nice model. The pose really looks like he's picking out his next victim.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  2. Awesome looking serg dude!! Love the base idea- where ever did you get the idea from..


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