28 Aug 2010

Relictors Whirlwind

I have finally finished another Heavy Support choice for my Relictors growing Battle Company. I like the idea of a Whirlwind laying down suppresive fire over the heads of your own troops, and indirect fire at that.
The turret is fully moveable but I have fixed in the missile heads rather than bother with magnets for the Castellan missiles, or having half and half. The Smoke Launchers and Chain are from the Chaos Vehicle Frame, fitting in with my Relictors theme of dabbling with Chaos. As all my vehicles have, the Skull icon is from a Fantasy Shield sprue.
The huge skulls are taken from the Archaic Ruins and fit the Relictors Theme quite well.
It is my intention eventually to paint another Whirlwind and a Landspeeder with Command Frame Scanner to make a Suppresion Squadron Apocalypse Formation. The second will have the larger Castellan missile heads.


  1. I like the use of the gothic ruins skull and you paint job looks great

  2. This Whirlwind is full of win! Love the iconography and the paint job. Keep up the effort.

  3. Thats looking really good


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