6 Aug 2010

Scuttling soon to Weemen; The ‘Nids!

Hi guys – I’m a long time friend of both pornstarjedi and the ‘Nids, and have been on the wagon and clean from GW’s addictive plastic goodness for about 11 years now.

Unfortunately, the combined efforts of pornstarjedi and a few other friends finally wore down my defences and once again my geeky side is exposed to the world of 40K.

So, after succumbing to peer-pressure, I once again went to pick up my trusty paint brush and tape measure – but first a very important question needed be asked…..which army?

The first stop was the GW website to check out the progress that had been made in my absence – and everything looked soooo good. Basically I was left with going through each army and looking at their pro’s and con’s. In the end I had managed to rule out all but Necron, Tau and ‘Nids. I was primarily a painter over a player, so ruled out the Necron (there’s only so many metallic’s I can stand). This left the awesome looking (and checking out some rules – fighting) Tau and the ‘Nids – as there is already a Tau player in my group of friends; back to the Hive it is!

Image taken from ingeneri.com

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck to you getting back to 40k. That's very considerate of you to choose Nids at least partly based on the armies already represented in your group.


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