22 Aug 2010

WIP Relictors Assault Squad pt3

I must be the world's slowest painter. Work continues at last on some of my Relictors after a hectic period. Thought I'd better update the blog at some point since my last post was way way back and I have the painting mojo back again. Yay!

The left and centre guys are newly done, the other two posted already. 4 down, 6 to go for this squad. Still got 2 to do from these guys twin squad but with Bleached Bone Vents and Weapons. But, I'm liking the dark feel of these for now...


  1. Siph, awesome looking marines, I must admit I'm liking the dark feel of these guys! maybe the serg' should have a 'daemon' power weapon to go with the dark nature of the squad..

  2. Pornstar, I've already started him - it's the classic PowerFist and Combat Shield. CS if i want a boltpistol load out and extra attack, or Storm Shield if I need the survivability.

  3. I have to see how my Genestealers stand up to those bad boys!

    They truly look hardcore!

  4. i'm seeing a cheeky 3 way- if thats the case, I'm going to need to buy 3 double packs of egg custards..


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