30 Sept 2011

Relictors Contemptor Dreadnought

Hello readers, thank-you for stopping by.

After I saw this on the FW website, I had to have one. I love it. Now they have many weapons and with the latest publication, official rules - however, how a Heresy Era Dreadnought gets into my post-Heresy era Chapter, never mind the five I'd want (!), would be a problem.

The astute among you will have already noticed the Dark Angel knee pad. Well, since the Relictors (originally the Fire Claws)were formed in the age of Apostasy to protect the Imperium from the Eye of Terror a full 5 Millennia after the Heresy, I needed a link to have a Heresy Era Dreadnought - easy, the fluff (here and here) has my Chapter going around finding Relics and Chaos Relics and putting them to good use fighting the enemies of the Emperor, and they were formed from the geneseed of Dark Angels and Ultramarines, therefore, after coming across a deceased and lost, presumed destroyed, Dark Angel entombed in his sarcophagus, they disposed of the pilot with full Chapter honours and to enable his Chapter and personal honour to live on, and use such a rare and valuable war machine, they repaired and recommissioned the Dreadnought to continue his fight against the enemies of man with another honoured Brother Marine entombed after grievous injuries.This Dreadnought is also attached to the 5th Company and bears the colours, black shoulder guard. His Terminator Honours are on his other knee pad. He is armed with two DCCW for the extra CC Attack and with Storm Bolter and Hvy Flamer. Fleet, AV13 Front Armour and 6++ in CC makes him a worthy adversary. I love this model, and it went together like a dream, one or two very small air bubbles in the resin, however, fully poseable arms, fingers, legs, and feet with straight toes or bent - I've used one of each. I pinned his one standing leg to the base for stabilty and strength. I leave you with a comparison shot with a normal Dreadnought for scale.

28 Sept 2011

Tyrannofex Finished

So in my last post I threw up a step-by-step of how I paint ‘Nid flesh (@ Oni: thanks for the comment – I have tried using just a green wash and then the flesh wash on some Stealers and it looks nice, I think I might use it on a few more models). Time to finish it…

After the flesh is finished, the entire carapace and talons are painted black. The carapace is then painted with purple and green streaks. I keep the paints pretty thin – the idea is not to give a visible streaking or blending, but for the carapace to appear black from a distance – but then change colour slightly in different angles/lights. Kind of like oil or a beetle shell. To be fair – its not 100% how I would like it, but its something that I can practice more with each model painted.

The carapace edges are then drybrushed yellow.

Minor details like tubes/eyes/bony bits are painted, a gloss varnish is applied, the base is painted up and Bob is your too-touchy-feely uncle!

6 Sept 2011

Weeman 3way

The time has come for the Weeman Crew to gain bragging rights for the next few months, with the first Weeman 3way. The plan is simple, a whole days battle at the home of 40k, GW HQ in Lenton on one of their games table. I will be developing a scenario that will pit the might of the Relictors, against the deadly Tyranids, and the hellish Daemons....

I will aim to have the scenario blogged over the next few weeks, as well as developmental rules for the 3way to see what you all think, and make adjustments as required.

The battle will be a big one, 3000 points each, so there will be 9000 points on the table- all vying for supremacy! I'm aiming to have my new daemon army finished for the battle- I'd better get painting!

Who will come out on top? Who will have their ego's boosted, whilst the others have theirs deflated.... And for the winner- the Golden Daemon trophy- until the next battle!!

WIP Daemon Prince

Hi All!!

Here is a couple of shots of one of my many projects! as revealed a few weeks ago I'm moving away from the Ultramarine Blue, and building a Daemon force. My first models is my Khorne Daemon Prince, a former mighty space marine, that has reached the pinnacle- and has gained full daemonhood- his sole mission now- to gain Skulls for the Blood God...For the model I've added the wings form the DP kit, an expensive upgrade but worth it as it means I can get into Combat quicker.
The plan is to paint the DP's skin red, to represent Khorne, however I'm still undecided with regards the armour- I have found an old pot of 'midnight blue' which might go quite nicely, the other option is to have black armour with a contrasting bright colour within the recesses of the armour- either a green, or a bright red. For the sword I'm planning to go for a deep purple, with a red glow within the recess.The aim is to have the daemon army ready for a WEEMAN 3000 point, 3 way at GW HQ- towards the end of October, (more about this to follow soon... Jedi)

1 Sept 2011

WIP – TyrannoFex/Painting ‘Nid Flesh

Seeing as how I posted some step-by-steps of how I built the TyrannoFex, I thought I might as well post so step-by-steps of how it’s being painted.

This post is about how I paint the flesh on my ‘Nids (that sounds a bit…weird…doesn’t it…?).

After giving the model an undercoat spray of Skull White, I paint the flesh on the model with a custom wash made up of Dark Angels Green and Calthan Brown. The main purpose of this wash is just to give the flesh its green colour as opposed to shading.

If I am painting gaunts, I like to vary the flesh tones so they aren’t all uniform; so will sometimes just give them a couple of coats of this wash and not carry out all the other steps.

After that wash has dried, I give the model a thorough wash with Ogryn Flesh. I really like this wash (although it stinks…) as it gives the flesh an earthy, tobacco tone and helps shade the recesses. I dont pay too much attention to where the wash is going, so long as it covers the flesh. Unless there is a pool that is clearly going to dry too dark, I will generally let it do its thing; this is supposed to be mottled flesh after all, not uniformly painted power armour.

Lastly I give all the flesh a thick wash of Thrakka Green. This takes the model from being brown-ish and back to green. For a comparison of what the other washes add to the flesh effect, I painted the top of the carapace with Thrakka Green directly over the white undercoat.

And that’s it, 3 washes and the flesh is done! Next up - the carapace.

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