1 Sept 2011

WIP – TyrannoFex/Painting ‘Nid Flesh

Seeing as how I posted some step-by-steps of how I built the TyrannoFex, I thought I might as well post so step-by-steps of how it’s being painted.

This post is about how I paint the flesh on my ‘Nids (that sounds a bit…weird…doesn’t it…?).

After giving the model an undercoat spray of Skull White, I paint the flesh on the model with a custom wash made up of Dark Angels Green and Calthan Brown. The main purpose of this wash is just to give the flesh its green colour as opposed to shading.

If I am painting gaunts, I like to vary the flesh tones so they aren’t all uniform; so will sometimes just give them a couple of coats of this wash and not carry out all the other steps.

After that wash has dried, I give the model a thorough wash with Ogryn Flesh. I really like this wash (although it stinks…) as it gives the flesh an earthy, tobacco tone and helps shade the recesses. I dont pay too much attention to where the wash is going, so long as it covers the flesh. Unless there is a pool that is clearly going to dry too dark, I will generally let it do its thing; this is supposed to be mottled flesh after all, not uniformly painted power armour.

Lastly I give all the flesh a thick wash of Thrakka Green. This takes the model from being brown-ish and back to green. For a comparison of what the other washes add to the flesh effect, I painted the top of the carapace with Thrakka Green directly over the white undercoat.

And that’s it, 3 washes and the flesh is done! Next up - the carapace.

1 comment:

  1. Might I suggest doing the heavy green wash and then a thinned flesh wash?

    The flesh tone is being drown out by such a heavy green wash that the flesh wash step becomes irrelevant.

    Just my $0.02


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