28 Aug 2011

Miscellaneous WIP

We haven't posted in awhile, so just to keep you abrest of happenings, I am currently working on finishing a few bis and bobs, the spare arm for a Dreadnought, they come with so many options and I think it's nice to have choices.

I've also retro fitted another Vindicator with a storm bolter modelled from a Scout Bike twin linked bolter, see link here of how to.

And I'm working on some Support for my marines in the form of a FW Contemptor Dreadnought. Love this model, but want to buy every version so far! Back to work at sea for a few weeks so you'll have to wait for the finished article some time yet. But to be honest, World Of Tanks has eaten my spare time recently!!!

Pornstarjedi is slowly, very slowly, bringing paint to his Daemons. Hopefully he'll post soon with some lovely pics?

6thDegree is still spawning more 'Nid biomass up in the grim north.

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