11 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Marauders

Next up in the WoC army are the grunts of the Children of the Crimson Tide; the Marauders.

Marauder front rank (of a unit of 20)

Whilst not as good as Chaos Warriors (but who are…?), you get enough of these guys in a room and they suddenly become pretty scary! In a recent game I used a horde unit of 40 with Great Weapons & Mark of Khorne and they didn’t disappoint. Well…I say disappoint…unfortunately the mission used random deployment and they were out on one flank and my High Elf opponent avoided them for most of the game. When they finally got into combat, they hacked through the unit of 20 odd White Lions (???) in a single turn of combat.

Marauder Chieftan

Marauder Banner Bearer

I built the unit of 20 back in January and has been another on-off painting project that I only got round to finishing recently. As such – I armed them all (annoyingly) with Hand Weapons and Shields before I realised how good Great Weapons are. I have another unit that I have converted to Great Weapons that need painting.

Sticking with my fluffy-theme that the Children of the Crimson Tide come from a region of the wastes in perpetual dusk; all of the men have pallid greyish skin tones that will run throughout the army.

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