23 Aug 2011

Relictors Assault Squad Detachment and HQ

Continuing the recent Assault theme, this is how the Assault Detachment of my Relictors Battle Company now stands, two full squads and an Assault Chaplain as an HQ choice. As you can see the latter VIII Squad is moodier and darker and uses Chaos Helmets and a splattering of SW Chainswords, Chaos Plasma Pistol and some tattered loin cloth pouches. The former VII Squad is considerably brighter with Bone coloured jets and red chainswords, but I like the differences, portrayed in the Sergeants too.These two need an HQ to lead them into battle, so there is no better cost effective battle leader chioce in the SM Codex than an Assault Chaplain (IMHO), Liturgies of Battle for re-rolls to hit on the Charge and making the squad Fearless coupled with Digital Weapons himself for re-rolls to Wound with his Power Weapon Crozius - lots of hurty death to deal out.Will be back soon with some more heavy firepower...

*EDIT* Bigger photos available in Finished Relictors Web Album, link in Sidebar>>>>


  1. Just curious why there isn't a bigger version of the pic? Is it just formatting?

  2. Just the formatting I think. I'll add it to the Finished Relictors Picasa Album for bigger phot (in the right hand bar). Or its on my Warseer thread too - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=276940

  3. Tristan, added to the Finished Relictors Web Album, link in sidebar. Cheers for looking.

  4. Sweeeet! I want to fight them to death!

  5. Nice. I like the darker brooding assault squad better, though am 50/50 on the jets being bone or black, I think that could go either way (even the ones with chaosy bits could be bone methinks)

    Looking at that photo album is IMPRESSIVE.

  6. Now that is a fantastic shot, love how you've made both squad unique, while they still work very well togther.

    The legion ever grows it would seem!

  7. Cheers for the comments guys, Heph when you adding to your Legion again? Tristan, you are right - there does seem to be quite a few photos there now!

    6thDegree - Pornstarjedi is keen for a weekend 3-way mini league battlefest soon. Nids, Relictors and either Daemons/Ultramarines. Nice.


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