3 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Chaos Knights

Next up are the elite of the elite cavalry units – Chaos Knights.

These bad boys have actually been half painted since January, but I’ve only recently got round to finishing them off. The horses and bases were all done in a batch months ago, and the riders were painted in a recent batch.I need to get some more inspiration for my banners; I have liked the effect I have got from drawing directly on the banner with a fine pigment pen and then washing over it with a couple of coats of Devlan Mud, but I need to find some Chaos Undivided scrawl/images to replicate. Any suggestions are appreciated.Top tip – Paint the horse and riders separately to avoid having to get your brush into awkward places. I drill a hole under the rider and mount it on a champagne cork (or similar) with a straightened paperclip. Makes painting easier and gives an excuse to legitimately drink lots of booze.

I’ve used at least a unit of 5 of Knights in every game I’ve played and am always pleased at how resilient and deadly they can be – especially as they have a giant target painted on them.

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