24 Dec 2009

WIP 40K Objective Marker

A simple and effective objective marker (if you happen to have a spare copy of Space Hulk!). I didn't think a Terminator Marine would be sitting on a throne in the middle of a battlefield, so I added a few chopped down sections of Cities of Death sprues and voila. A throne in a ruined building.

To make it more themed, I will be removing the pauldron, wrist and torso blood drops and the pauldron chalice's. I will leave the Chalice on the leg greave and power fist as a high ranking officer's decorations. He will then be painted up as Relictor or Fire Claws, the originator Chapter for the Relictors (See Fluff here). This will fit in with the Relictors continuing mission to gain artefacts and relics nicely. Now... just have to find some Rogue Trader Fire Claws pictures...

22 Dec 2009

WIP Relictors Assault Squad II

So, I took these chaps to work abroad, but didn't get anywhere near finished! (work hard for a living). As you can see from the side bar project list, I still have 12 to do, these 10 plus the remaining 2 from the first squad.

This is the 2nd squad for the Relictors, but I was going for a much darker moody look than the last squad found here. The exhausts for the jump-packs will be black, the swords black and the sergeant will be the Serg Cullen FW model with chaos head and powerfist/combat shield combo.
The heads are from the Chaos Vehicle accessory sprue and some other chaos sprue which I must of had in my bitz box. Very skull like and very Relictor imho. However, I didn't want them to be bone colour as that denotes Veteran status in my army - so a cold steel colour won.

Will keep me busy over the next month, along with the EFTC. What d'you think?

13 Dec 2009

Nearly Home

Well fellow Bloggers, Pornstarjedi has just returned from a holiday to the Middle East so should be back blogging soon...

Siph is still at work on a ship, but alongside in Gibraltar and coming home next week for a month of Weemen projects to continue with. The progress on the Assault Squad I've taken with me has been slow but sure. Can't wait to get back and continue with the Emperor's Fist Tank Company - and a little bird tells me that the Warhound Canis Bellum will have some friends to play with soon.

Pornstarjedi has been doing some work on his Reaver for the Steel Legion and the replacement parts for my Reaver (carapace were leaking resin juice) have arrived at home - I'll know for sure when I get back.

We wish you all a Merry Holiday / Christmas Season.
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