28 Feb 2022

Squaduary 2022 - Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad COMPLETED

Hello Readers and Squaduary Squaddies, I completed my Squaduary pledge this year, a squad of five Space Marine Bikers including a Sergeant. These have been on the to-do pile for a long time but I wanted them done before I attempt a Primaris Outrider Squad or the really great Primaris Chaplain on a Bike.
This squad was my 5th Space Marine Bike Squad and so I could add more ablative wounds to other squads or if points are tight and bodies on the field are needed, I chose not to arm these with special weapons, just the Sergeant has a Chainsword.
The Sergeant was based on legs from a 3rd party Librarian and a torso from a Ravenwing Biker from Dark Vengeance. As he is quite blinged up, I'm sure I could use him as a Character armed with the Teeth of Terra Relic if need be.
The Auspex mount was from the Ravenwing bike kit along with the feather mounts. 
The first two trooper Bikers, one armed with an old school Bolt Pistol.
The second two trooper Bikers.

I know a few of you out there have joined in with a Squaduary pledge, and I look forward to committing to another squad next year.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

25 Feb 2022

Deathwatch Space Wolves Terminator Captain - Done

 Hello all!

Another week see's another completed member for my Deathwatch - A Captain from the Space Wolves Chapter. 

This is based on a combination of kits, including parts from the SW terminator set, a forgeworld SW body and shoulder pad, and a converted combi melta using a vehicle stormbolter and the melta from the centurions set.

The relic blade was painted to have a 'frostblade' appearance, with a base of dark blue up to white using lighter tones of blue - this was then washed with blue, then re-highlighted in white. 

The model was base painted the same as my other Deathwatch, with a metallic black scheme. I've picked out detials as per other units. I've opted for a clean white cape to contrast against the black of the armour. 

Really happy with the finish, and the overall  look! thanks for looking! LH (10pts)

21 Feb 2022

Squaduary 2022 - End of Week 3 - Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad

Hello All, and any potential Squaddies of Squaduary, I made some good progress this week with more work done on two trooper bikes painted to completion, I often set out to batch paint but get distracted. I painted one to match a previous squad's bikers and then carried on with a second. I think I'll batch paint the others together, three is a lot more manageable than five anyway.
Here are the two Bikers completed, decals on and awaiting the final varnish seal coat. Still undecided on whether I should arm these with two Special Weapons and Sergeant with a Combi-Weapon but I think I will keep them basic for now, they give me options to field if points are tight and more Bikers are needed, or to supplement the other squads with ablative wound Bikers without Special Weapons.
Squaduary is a community join in event run by Stepping Between Games blog, Thousand Eyes plows through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pools them together. Last year this didn't happen but unperturbed it’s back! 

Cheers, Siph

18 Feb 2022

Beachhead 2022 Titan Owners Club Walk - Picture Heavy!

 Hello one and all!

Last weekend was the Beachhead 2022 event in Bournemouth, at the BIC, an event for both trade, and for demonstations and huge tournements. The Titan Owners Club were invited again to march to war - this time with 56 Engines, and knights!

The first game saw the Imperial Titans marching against the Warmasters forces, over an Imperial city, the objective was a destroyed titan by the city gates, however this was secondary to destroying the foes! as the dust settled, the tally of engine kills were even, with the Warmasters Titan'd holding the centre objective!

Day 2 saw 2 seperate battles, each with the sole goal of destruction. Both sides records a win a piece. 

For my Crucius force, which for some reason (well, I arranged the sides LH) the maniple lined up with the Warmasters forces, whether by choice or by some warp affect. Over the 2 days my forces scored 7 confirmed kills, including 2 Warlords. With Mons Igneus scoring 4 more engine kills - which now stands at 11 over 4 walks. 


Really enjoyable weekend of Titan battling, which was an absolute blast! thank you to these at the ToC who attended, and to the team at Entoyment for arranging the event!

Day 1

Day 2

Above and Below - ToC's Matt showing how not to roll... needing 3+ to hit with 10 dice...

Fantastic weekend, fantastic battles, and fantastic company! LH

14 Feb 2022

Squaduary 2022 - End of Week 2 - Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad

Hello All, started putting paint to plastic this week, some construction of the bikes but mainly concentrated on the bases getting them completed and then the riders main bodies. The Sergeant took a while with his fancy cloak and tunic - his legs were from a 3rd party Librarian on Bike and the torso adapted from a Dark Vengeance Ravenwing biker.
The bikes were put together after the metallics were drybrushed, then once fitted with wheels glued and then filed smooth and finally repainted on the filed surfaces for a smooth finish before the grey is completed.

The other Bikers are simple Marine troops, I added a Fast Attack/Assault marking on the knee to match my previous squads, and one torso was resin Mk4 plate, I think from a Red Scorpion kit(?) a while ago.

Squaduary is run by Stepping Between Games blog, Thousand Eyes used to plow through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pooled them together. Last year this didn't happen but unperturbed I am doing it and it’s back! 

Happy Valentines Day - may your significant others buy you a loving gift of plastic krak!

Cheers, Siph

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