24 Jul 2015

Relictors Space Marine Sicaran Battle Tank Finished - 6MMRPC

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest offering to the painting gods, an awesome FW Space Marine Sicaran Battle Tank! I absolutely love the brutal compact aesthetic of this tank. It screams destruction and 'da business'. No frills, just pure Astartes killing power.
Midway between the Predator and a Landraider, this tank sacrifices any transport capacity to mount the rapid firing Accelerator Autocannons, which Render and track skimmers - negating Jink saves.
Along with that the model comes with either Heavy Bolter sponsons or Lascannon sponsons, I went against the rule of cool (I love drum magazine Heavy Bolters) and went for the specialised role of Anti-Tank and mounted the Lascannons - but this gave me a chance to try out 6thDegree's OSL without an airbrush (tutorial here) and the end result is pretty cool, so maybe rule of cool prevailed after all...
Nothing special, just the rear, showing this Relic Sicaran has been seconded to the 5th Company Relictors. The grey is my usual recipe of Dawnstone (Codex Grey, or AP Uniform Grey Spray), with a Nuln Oil Wash (with a tip of the large tank brush dipped in Lahmian Medium to prevent the wash pooling and getting tide marks - I often get asked how I avoid streaks on larger vehicles), then a drybrush of Administratum Grey (Fortress Grey) and then 500 Boltgun Metal rivets later...
I've kept the transfers and embellishments at a minimum to show off the blue-glow effect. Transfers were applied over a gloss varnished patch, applied with Micro Set (sticks) and Micro Sol (melts the edges to look painted on) and sealed with gloss varnish. Once finished, the whole tank is sealed with Purity Seal matt varnish to protect and knock off the gloss effect, then the lenses/view ports are re-done with Gloss 'Ard Coat.
The top down view, shows off the ammo hopper feeds into the Accelerator Autocannons.
And if you were unsure of the size comparison between Landraiders and Predators, a useful photo comparison for you.
Can't wait to get this out on the new battlefield GameMat!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and found the tips useful. Cheers. Part of the 6 month mountain reducing painting challenge pile done! (6MMRPC)

20 Jul 2015

Callidus Assassin

Welcome Reader, thanks for dropping in. Here is the latest addition to the Weemen collection, I was unfortunately unable to get hold of a copy of the Assassin game on release, however, plenty of Assassin models appeared on eBay shortly after. Instead of feeding the eBay hoarder army of re-sellers, I at least plumped for a decent painted one, at least this was a hobbyist who constructed and painted his before selling on. So not all my own work, just adapted from a decent paint job.
I re did the base, the hair and some small details, highlights on the leather, the eye lenses and the neural disruptor to make this piece my own and fit with the rest of my forces.
I did have the intention of cutting the long braid off completely and making it more 'realistic' for an assassin operative, however I grew to like the oversized impractical hair-do... gives good height to the miniature and some dynamism and movement.
So, not all my own work, but hey, it's mine now and will be used in a battle soon! Can't wait to see how it performs on the field in melee.

17 Jul 2015

WIP - Relictors Sicaran Battle Tank - 6MMRPC

Today is the first real contribution to reducing my Mountain of Plastic and Resin, and my first pledge to the 6MMRPC cause. As in the spirit of the challenge I've posted my WIP shot, and will post once done, but for now you can see that it's a genuine FW Sicaran, none of  that undermining Chinese resin crap and I've armed it with lascannon sponsons against my rule of cool, as I loved the barrel magazine heavy bolters, but as an Anti-Tank tank, it made more sense for some higher strength, low AP weapons as well as the rending high rate of fire Accelerator Autocannons. And it will give me a chance to try out 6thDegree's Blue Glowing Effect Tutorial too. Do not fear, those heavy bolters will make their way onto a dakka Predator at some point as they are too good not to use.

The kit went together well, no filling required on the main body, the Accererator Cannons needed straightening as always and the sponsns are glued as they are just too fiddly.

This will mean all three Weemen have Sicarans! Nice stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!

13 Jul 2015

Relictors Hunter AA Tank

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in again. Here is my latest addition to the Relictors Armoury, an Anti-Aircraft Hunter Tank, armed with the quite decent Skyspear Missile system.
This is based on a Rhino APC but with side panels containing hydraulic rams to steady the platform for missile release, I've painted it my usual Relictors Codex Grey (Dawnstone) over a black undercoat, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted with Fortress Grey (Administratum Grey).
The Skyspear missile system allows you to shoot and damage most flyers easily with high strength and Skyfire but as an added bonus, if you miss, the missile has a 'Savant Lock' rule, so it is like a homing missile, it follows the target for the next turns and on a roll of +5, it hits the targets rear armour, unless the target leaves the battlefield, what a fun characterful rule I can't wait to try out!
I love the barrel muzzle of the Skyspear, it looks the business!
And a characterful shot on the terrain, for those who don't like plain white backgrounds ;)
And another shot next to the other AA tank, the Stalker I did previously, I know most people will probably magnetize theirs to do both options on one hull, but this was a present so I lucked in. The only part you only get one of which is needed on both kits is the triple aerial assembly - which you can live without on the Stalker turret.
And lastly, the Skyspear Missile token which you place next to the target if you miss it! The kit comes with a spare missile so you can make this token using some wire and a spare base, better than a coin as suggested by GW.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you like my latest addition. I started this before my pledge to reduce my painting pile, so it doesn't quite count towards my 6MMRPC goal.

10 Jul 2015

Terrain and Scenery - New Weemen Gaming Mat

Hi readers, thanks for dropping in. I have for some time had a gaming surface most people are envious of, a terrain mat with flock that matches the bases of my minis. Much better than a table cloth! 
The draw back from this surface is that it wasn't smooth, so miniatures had to be lifted to move, okay if you have a SM army, not if you have a horde. It was from a British firm, near Ipswich, called TerrainMat.com Google it if you like it, it was fairly cheap and has served me well and gives a more realistic terrain finish, ideal for displays - in fact, I will be using mine for making a display board.
 The only draw back was it took time to fold out flat, and bits of dyed flock do come off it with regular use... so I upgraded to a GameMat mat.Google them if you like it, or their link Gamemat.eu
The mats are 'mouse pad' style material and roll flat from the storage tube, ideal.
The pattern, this one is 6x4 Battleground one, is printed on and is smooth like a mouse mat.
I worried it wouldn't match my bases, but the above terrain shows it was an ideal fit.
The mat is rubberized underneath which prevents slippage and enables a tight roll without creasing and some protection to 'dropped' models too!
Here it is tightly rolled for storage, no creasing or folding. Great stuff. Throroughly recommended! 5 Stars!
I loved it so much, I purchased a 4x4 Space themed one just in case GW ever releases BattleFleet Gothic or I get X-Wing!

They are not that expensive and are recommended by the Weemen!

Check out our other terrain ideas HERE

6 Jul 2015

Relictors Airforce - Xiphon and Stormtalons - for the fun of it

Just thought I'd post a pic of my Relictors airforce so far, swooping over some suitable scenery as it looks awesome. I say so far... I still have a Caestus Assault Ram and a Storm Eagle to do, and a StormRaven with Chapterhouse extension kit to finish! Oh, and I want a Fire Raptor because they look even better than the Storm Eagle!

Facing the grey tide... resin and plastic mountain ;)

3 Jul 2015

Death Korps of Kreig Ogryns - Imperial Guard

Hello Readers, something a little left field and different from my usual Relictors or Necrons. These are a lovely squad of Ogryns I picked up from fellow blogger Liam at Blue Warp Studios, he was having a clear out via eBay and I couldn't bear to see these models go for the paltry asking price, so I put in a decent bid and won! Liam is also the fellow who sold Lord Halfpenny his massive Warlord Titan model!
I love the fact that they have been converted from the metal Ogryn model and the addition of the face respirators and helmets and trench coats is ingenious, if GW/FW did these people would buy thousands I reckon! I still have no idea of what I am going to do with them, eventually I think i'll get three Taurox and have them for Apoc battles, for the sheer rule of cool - Ogryns are fairly expensive (Squad of three with Bonehead are about the same as a Termie Squad) and Taurox are not as good AV as Chimera but I love the look of these and will look forward to fielding the full ten in a big battle! I don't even have AM/IG rules yet! (EDIT 2020- I've sold these to my Astra Militarum/IG player mate Dark Canon, they will see a battlefield soon!)
These are based on metal models and from these Liam cast the additional bits and added a Power Klaw and Vox set from a vehicle sprue, I have finished off the painting on the respirators and spare shells on the ripper guns magazines, but otherwise they are Liam's paintjob. I'll paint up the bases to match my others at some point but they are definitely good to go
I thought about re-painting the trench coats a dark red to fit the scheme on my one squad of Imperial Guard/AM, but these match one of my two Baneblades, so with the addition of a Commissar or Commissar Lord or Priest for the Leadership boost, I will field as is. Thanks Liam, great stuff!
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