10 Jul 2015

Terrain and Scenery - New Weemen Gaming Mat

Hi readers, thanks for dropping in. I have for some time had a gaming surface most people are envious of, a terrain mat with flock that matches the bases of my minis. Much better than a table cloth! 
The draw back from this surface is that it wasn't smooth, so miniatures had to be lifted to move, okay if you have a SM army, not if you have a horde. It was from a British firm, near Ipswich, called TerrainMat.com Google it if you like it, it was fairly cheap and has served me well and gives a more realistic terrain finish, ideal for displays - in fact, I will be using mine for making a display board.
 The only draw back was it took time to fold out flat, and bits of dyed flock do come off it with regular use... so I upgraded to a GameMat mat.Google them if you like it, or their link Gamemat.eu
The mats are 'mouse pad' style material and roll flat from the storage tube, ideal.
The pattern, this one is 6x4 Battleground one, is printed on and is smooth like a mouse mat.
I worried it wouldn't match my bases, but the above terrain shows it was an ideal fit.
The mat is rubberized underneath which prevents slippage and enables a tight roll without creasing and some protection to 'dropped' models too!
Here it is tightly rolled for storage, no creasing or folding. Great stuff. Throroughly recommended! 5 Stars!
I loved it so much, I purchased a 4x4 Space themed one just in case GW ever releases BattleFleet Gothic or I get X-Wing!

They are not that expensive and are recommended by the Weemen!

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  1. I really love the surge in gaming mats. It appeared they all popped out of no where. All of a sudden, so many wonderful and amazing choices! It's a great time to be a tabletop gamer!


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