17 Jul 2015

WIP - Relictors Sicaran Battle Tank - 6MMRPC

Today is the first real contribution to reducing my Mountain of Plastic and Resin, and my first pledge to the 6MMRPC cause. As in the spirit of the challenge I've posted my WIP shot, and will post once done, but for now you can see that it's a genuine FW Sicaran, none of  that undermining Chinese resin crap and I've armed it with lascannon sponsons against my rule of cool, as I loved the barrel magazine heavy bolters, but as an Anti-Tank tank, it made more sense for some higher strength, low AP weapons as well as the rending high rate of fire Accelerator Autocannons. And it will give me a chance to try out 6thDegree's Blue Glowing Effect Tutorial too. Do not fear, those heavy bolters will make their way onto a dakka Predator at some point as they are too good not to use.

The kit went together well, no filling required on the main body, the Accererator Cannons needed straightening as always and the sponsns are glued as they are just too fiddly.

This will mean all three Weemen have Sicarans! Nice stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome, I look forward to seeing it finished :)

  2. Triple sicarans? I'm a bit jealous :) Though my buddies would be a bit upset if I brought three to a friendly game! Haha

  3. Cheers, and Greg, your friends would love it if all of them had one each ;) But three on one side would be interesting!

  4. Such a nice kit!
    I'm heavily doubting between getting either a Sicaran or the Lord of Iron himself..

  5. Oh wow! I didn't even know these vehicles existed: very nice indeed!


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