28 Aug 2011

Miscellaneous WIP

We haven't posted in awhile, so just to keep you abrest of happenings, I am currently working on finishing a few bis and bobs, the spare arm for a Dreadnought, they come with so many options and I think it's nice to have choices.

I've also retro fitted another Vindicator with a storm bolter modelled from a Scout Bike twin linked bolter, see link here of how to.

And I'm working on some Support for my marines in the form of a FW Contemptor Dreadnought. Love this model, but want to buy every version so far! Back to work at sea for a few weeks so you'll have to wait for the finished article some time yet. But to be honest, World Of Tanks has eaten my spare time recently!!!

Pornstarjedi is slowly, very slowly, bringing paint to his Daemons. Hopefully he'll post soon with some lovely pics?

6thDegree is still spawning more 'Nid biomass up in the grim north.

23 Aug 2011

Relictors Assault Squad Detachment and HQ

Continuing the recent Assault theme, this is how the Assault Detachment of my Relictors Battle Company now stands, two full squads and an Assault Chaplain as an HQ choice. As you can see the latter VIII Squad is moodier and darker and uses Chaos Helmets and a splattering of SW Chainswords, Chaos Plasma Pistol and some tattered loin cloth pouches. The former VII Squad is considerably brighter with Bone coloured jets and red chainswords, but I like the differences, portrayed in the Sergeants too.These two need an HQ to lead them into battle, so there is no better cost effective battle leader chioce in the SM Codex than an Assault Chaplain (IMHO), Liturgies of Battle for re-rolls to hit on the Charge and making the squad Fearless coupled with Digital Weapons himself for re-rolls to Wound with his Power Weapon Crozius - lots of hurty death to deal out.Will be back soon with some more heavy firepower...

*EDIT* Bigger photos available in Finished Relictors Web Album, link in Sidebar>>>>

22 Aug 2011

Relictors Assault Squad VIII

So with the completion of the last two Assault Marines at the weekend, I thought a completed Squad photo was only fair. These are the darker, moodier squad compared to the VII Squad. Now I have enough Assault Troops to cause anyone a big problem.

This Squad has a Flamer and Plasma Pistol Special Weapons as well as a PowerFist and Combat/Storm Shield wielding Sergeant - enough to cause anyone to think twice.

I'll post the full Assault Detachment tomorrow...

WIP – TyrannoFex

Hey all – I thought I would show you all my latest project that I’m working on as part of operation “One-a-Month”. Funnily enough, operation “One-a-Month” involves me adding a something new to my ‘Nids army every month.

This month I have set myself the task of building and painting a TyrannoFex.

The TyrannoFex is essentially a super Carnifex, with 6 wounds and a loadout of bio-weaponry that includes a S10 Assault 2 cannon with a 48inch range. Being a bit of a hulk; it’s great for stomping forward, popping mech on the way and generally causing mayhem up close.

It’s also another popular unit that GW doesn’t have a model for – so I set about making one. Annoyingly, the only official artwork for the unit I could find is below.

Before I started the conversion, I had already decided to use a Carnifex as a base (what else is there really???) and tried to capture what I though were the key aspects of the TyrannoFex:

  • the size,
  • the pose,
  • the Rupture Cannon (the big gun stuck out the front),
  • the legs/Rupture Cannon arms,
  • the triple set of vents along the back.

Scouring my bitz-box for parts, I think I ended up being able to capture essence of the creature using the Carnifex kit and parts from Hive Tyrant and Trygon kits.

I was able to make the model larger than a standard Carnifex and give it a hunched pose by extending the waist using a 2cm tube of plasticine (I didn’t have enough GS to use for this – and I have previously used plasticine to bulk out sections and it worked fine).

The Rupture Cannon was made up of the MC Adrenaline Gland (with legs snipped off), the side barrels from a Barbed Strangler and carapace parts from the Trygon. The tubes connecting to the arms are also from the Barbed Strangler. The gaps were then filled with GS (my GS skills aren’t great – so hopefully the paintjob will cover any crap sculpting).

The middle vents on the back were taken from a spare Hive Tyrant torso I had lying around and pinned/GS’d into place.

The rear legs are standard Carnifex legs with one cut and remodelled to be stepping on a rock and the Rupture Cannon arms are MC Scything Talons (with the talons removed) and placed upside down.

Overall, it’s not the best TyrannoFex I’ve ever seen and it would be nice to have been a bit larger, but I think its one of the better conversion pieces I have done.

All that’s left now is finishing the basing (just needs a few more rocks) and it will be ready for a lick of paint.

I’ll post up pics when it’s done!

20 Aug 2011

Relictors Assault Squad pt7 - Final Two

These are the final two Marines from my Battle ompany Assault Squads. Now I have two full ten man Assault Squads and an Assault Chaplain to lead them. Ready to do battle with Pornstarjedi's acursed Daemons... or 6thDegree's xenos Genestealer scum.

11 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Marauders

Next up in the WoC army are the grunts of the Children of the Crimson Tide; the Marauders.

Marauder front rank (of a unit of 20)

Whilst not as good as Chaos Warriors (but who are…?), you get enough of these guys in a room and they suddenly become pretty scary! In a recent game I used a horde unit of 40 with Great Weapons & Mark of Khorne and they didn’t disappoint. Well…I say disappoint…unfortunately the mission used random deployment and they were out on one flank and my High Elf opponent avoided them for most of the game. When they finally got into combat, they hacked through the unit of 20 odd White Lions (???) in a single turn of combat.

Marauder Chieftan

Marauder Banner Bearer

I built the unit of 20 back in January and has been another on-off painting project that I only got round to finishing recently. As such – I armed them all (annoyingly) with Hand Weapons and Shields before I realised how good Great Weapons are. I have another unit that I have converted to Great Weapons that need painting.

Sticking with my fluffy-theme that the Children of the Crimson Tide come from a region of the wastes in perpetual dusk; all of the men have pallid greyish skin tones that will run throughout the army.

8 Aug 2011

Relictors Assault Squad pt6 - 2 more marines

The slow progress has made some headway last week with the completion of 2 more Assault Squad Marines, these are number 7&8 from Squad 2. Only two more to go until I can then progress with the final squad of the whole 5th Battle Company, Relictors Chapter - a second Devastator Squad.

The marine on the left has a bionic arm and the marine on the right has had a slight arm re-modelling to get a nice open aiming pistol pose, this was just a wedge shape piece of plastic sprue placed in the armpit to get the desired angle.

3 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Chaos Knights

Next up are the elite of the elite cavalry units – Chaos Knights.

These bad boys have actually been half painted since January, but I’ve only recently got round to finishing them off. The horses and bases were all done in a batch months ago, and the riders were painted in a recent batch.I need to get some more inspiration for my banners; I have liked the effect I have got from drawing directly on the banner with a fine pigment pen and then washing over it with a couple of coats of Devlan Mud, but I need to find some Chaos Undivided scrawl/images to replicate. Any suggestions are appreciated.Top tip – Paint the horse and riders separately to avoid having to get your brush into awkward places. I drill a hole under the rider and mount it on a champagne cork (or similar) with a straightened paperclip. Makes painting easier and gives an excuse to legitimately drink lots of booze.

I’ve used at least a unit of 5 of Knights in every game I’ve played and am always pleased at how resilient and deadly they can be – especially as they have a giant target painted on them.

1 Aug 2011

Warriors of Chaos – Chariot Fail

Here is one of my latest additions to the Children of the Crimson Tide…a Chaos Chariot.So far, this is the largest piece in my WoC army as I have purposefully not gone out and bought any Hellcannons or monsters yet. As such, I wanted to make a good job of it.Painting the model was pretty fun, and I split it up into the horses, base, chariot and riders; painted them all separately and then assembled. This was much easier than assembling and then painting as I would have never gotten into some of gaps.

It was actually looking like one of the better models that I had painted….until I gave it a coat of Citadel Purity Seal...which frosted badly and ruined the model. Rather than take it apart, strip and repaint – I did the best I could to fix the problem. Apparently the frosting is caused by micro-pitting in the Purity Seal coat, so that light is not reflected and it leaves a horrible cloudy-matte finish. I managed to get it looking half decent by giving the model a coat of watered down Citadel Gloss Varnish. It’s not perfect, but it will have to do for now – I guess I could remove the riders which are the worst offenders and convert it into a Chaos Shrine at some point.
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