31 Aug 2020

Imperial Agents - Inquisitor Greyfax

Hello All, thanks for checking out my latest offerings to the Paint Gods! I saw on  Neverness’ Hobby Blog a Hobby event to paint an Inquisitor in August and I hadn’t planned on doing Greyfax anytime soon but I do like a community challenge. A long time ago I bought the boxset including Belasarius Cawl (still to do), Celestine (commissioned) and Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax, so finally after several years I present Inquisitor Greyfax - slightly modified.
I detest the silly Witchhunter broad brim hat the original is wearing as she is a puritan Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus so I swapped for a Skitarii Alpha head which I think is a vast improvement. And the added bonus of not having to paint a face - why fork out for the best wargear and then expose your face to a stray bullet from a Hive low life or random Grot?! And this will filter the air, you ain't no Space Marine my dear Inquisitor!

I also got rid of the 'steampunk' exhausts of the power pack and replaced it with a standard SM exhaust vent (fun fact - on Space Marines they are not exhausts - they are jet stabilisers for void movements, the exhausts for the heat exchangers are the four square small tabs to the bottom) but not sure what Greyfax would do with one stabiliser - so here its an exhaust!
I also trimmed the Condemner Pattern Boltgun and got rid of the 'Van Helsing' Crossbow attachment... the blessed silver stakes will have to make do with traditional propellant - much better in my opinion, sorry sculpter - I love the model but silly hats and steampunk exhausts and crossbow Bolters were not my cup of tea.

And I painted the 40K equivalent of Christian Louboutins with red soles... well, a girl has to look good purging heretics! I do love the ridiculous power armour high heels and the figure hugging curves - quite silly, but grimdark silly, I used muted metallics to avoid highlighting the 'boobplate' and restore some 'grey' to Greyfax. The power pack is fairly muted and functional, as is the weapon.

"Faith. In the right hands, it is Humanity's greatest weapon. Yet even the finest blade is rendered fallible by its wielder. In the wrong hands, the mighty sword of faith can do more hurt to the Emperor's Realm than can all the treacherous daemons of the Warp combined. This is why those who profess to be the most holy amongst us must be put to the sternest test."

                                     - Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax

So there you have it, a modified and more battle ready Inquisitor Greyfax - ready to purge Heretics and Daemons and Abaddon... and look good whilst doing it.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

28 Aug 2020

The Emperor of Mankind! (3rd party proxy) - WIP

Hello one and all, I thought I'd start work on something a little different rather than the black of the Deathwatch.
This model is a 3rd party proxy one that I purchased years ago, and has been sat waiting to be done. The model was part built, and then sprayed the base colour of gold for the body, black for the face and red for the cape. The cape has had a couple of highlights and washes added, with a final highlight to be added now that the cape is fixed into place - no need to add highlights in shadows.. The Emperor’s sword and Lightning Claw have been painted to contrast with each other - with cool blue hues for the Lightning Claw talons, against the fiery reds and yellows of the Flaming Sword.

The model also has a 2 headed eagle, this has a base brown coat, and will have highlights to detail.

In game term, this model could be used to represent Robbie G
if I am using him with my Custodes or my deathwatch, the model is similar in height to the Guilliman model. I am looking for a bespoke base for him, my intial thought was the Horus FW model, however we will see.. LH

24 Aug 2020

Relictors Space Marines - Chaplain on Bike

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. This week's offerings is a (old marines / True / Firstborn) Space Marine's Chaplain on a Bike, a really old kit and a present from Lord Halfpenny a few years ago - well with the release of the Primaris Chaplain on Bike I thought it was overdue and time to get my own Chaplain on Bike finished before I think about getting another!
The pose of the rider is an odd one, almost like he is standing in his 'stirrups' orating litanies to the surrounding Marines, he is sat bolt upright, standing on tip toes, unless you are meant to hammer him into a sitting position, I like the idea of standing up.
 Along with the metal kit, book, Chaplain and front Smoke Launcher, I added a Ravenwing Bike with scrollwork on the front mudguard and raked exhausts. The basic bike pennant serves well in this case, so a small Chaplain pennant, and a suitable Chaos Space Marine left Pauldron and Power Pack - after all, they are Relictors!
The base was a resin one bought on eBay, I like the thinner bases to the oval ones, it will match my Bike Squads.  The resin slate was painted black and then drybrushed Eshin Grey and a little Dawnstone before a Contrast coat of Magos Purple to look slate-like, then drybrushed lightly with my usual base colours to blend in and look dusty - Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone.
The front Armour Plate with the Bolters is also from a Chaos SM Bike I think. I like to differentiate my Sergeants and Characters from the basic bike. Sergeants get the winged fairings, I think his original metal fairing went to a Biker Sergeant a few years ago!
And as much as I hate painting faces, I am quite pleased that this Chaplain's features and eyes came out quite tidy. For the Emperor!

###EDIT### I revisited the Purity Seals as per Dave's comment - more scripture and litanies :)
How's that Dave? :)

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

21 Aug 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Aggressors - WIP

Hello One and All!

Thank you for stopping by, I thought I would change to a different form of Primaris to paint this week, and opted to start on some Aggressors. I have 6, 3 with the Auto Boltstorm and 3 with the flamestorm weapons. These will either be fielded as a unit, or 2 seperate units of 3, or as part of a Deathwatch Primaris Kill team.
These are based like my other marines, with details picked out. I have used the Terminator sized Deathwatch should pad, as well as some chapter specific ones.

Pretty happy with how these guys are coming together! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

17 Aug 2020

Legio Astorum - Reaver Titan No.2 - WIP #5 - Heraldry and a Name

Hello Titanseers and all, welcome to our humble slice of the blogosphere. This is where we were last post, the structure was taking shape and while the epoxy resin and pins dried, the Head Unit was completed.
This week I continued with the build, the first of the Arm weapons chosen, a Battle Titan Laser Blaster, I think the Titan will be a 'Disco' Reaver first, but with two Battle Titan Volcano Cannons put aside for the Warbringer "Vesuvius" I will be able to swap out and lessen the reactor load. A 'Disco' Reaver has two Battle Titan Laser Blasters and a carapace Dual Turbolaser Destructor. I already have a carapce Turbolaser Destructor converted and painted ready.
I started some of the Carapace armour, this is the internal side of the top curved Carapace piece, painted the same as the Weapon Servitors in the Internals.
And here is the Carapace Armour heraldry painted - it's name I hear you say - well, being a childhood fan of Action Man, I named it in High Gothic "Aquila Oculus", 'eagle eyes', lol. The heraldic badge is taken from the Lucius Forge World halo sigil, the Legio Astorum's home world, and a 'Aquila' Eagle using the House Hawkshroud hawk sigil but rotating it and trimming it somewhat.
The script on the long scrollwork is the decals from the FW Legio Astorum decal sheet, now sadly OOP and I am running low, but not prepared to pay eBay scaplers £200+ for a £25 sheet!
The Knee Heraldic Badge, made from an Adeptus Titanicus Astorum sigil, the Imperial Knights Hawkshroud sigil, a Collegia Titanicus 'T' and Lucius script from the FW sheet and a red half Aquila from the Imperial Knights FW Sheet.
The large brass Aquila was aged using some Nihilakh Oxide in the recesses.
As I had two Void Projectors missing from my recent Hound "Lupus Regent", I needed some alternative void projectors, so after fitting the internal 'lamp' from the Warhound kit on the rear Carapace, they would make great Void Projectors / Banner Pole positions - topped off with some spare Lucius Hound Void Projectors from a wrecked terrain piece.
This week's update comes to a close with some progress on the Legs, a spray basecoat. Next the Blue and Gold trim on the ankles which needs doing before fitting the Armour. Reaver "Aquila Oculus" will Walk soon!

Cheers, Siph.

14 Aug 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Intercessor Squad - WIP

Hi All,

A really quick update, I've started work on a further 10 Primaris Intercessors. These have had the basecoat added and I've started to pick out the various details.

The Sergeant is armed with an Astartes Chainsword (now -1AP), and has a Deathwatch helmet added to mark him out from the others.
This Primaris Marine Intercessor has had his arms converted to have both weapons raised, I intend to position him running on the base.
Cheers, Lord Halfpenny

10 Aug 2020

Relictors Space Marine Terminator Librarian - Lexicanum Varus

Hello All, this was a GW made-to-order miniature I was lucky enough to receive in the first wave I believe. I know some people were still waiting for theirs. And following on from my two RT era Librarians, I am expanding the Relictors Librarius Conclave to match more along the lines of the background - Relictors have a lot of Librarians.
The blue is the same as my Titans and Necrons... Kantor Blue with a fine highlight of Sotek Green, I left the shoulder pauldrons black to match the Relictors. The gun casing was also picked out in bone to match my Relictors Battle Company colours.
The haft of the Force Stave was a quick and effective coat of Magos Purple over Ulthuan Grey, like the RT era Librarian Force Sword. It is a cool and simple trick. The two LEDs on the rear of the waist mirror those on the backpack of every marine behind the head - perhaps power output lights? Or laser optic communications? No idea, but it links my Terminators to their smaller less armoured brethern...
I picked out a suitable Chapter badge skull, slightly smaller to fit the pad and is usually a campaign badge - but I have used it for my Scout Squads before, and the yellow circle can signify the traditional blue armour and yellow surplices of Librarians as detailed in Insignium Astartes.
And if you hadn't noticed, I did a head swap, shaving down a standard Terminator Helmet to fit the hood, it doesn't make sense to don the best and rarest armour humanity has to offer and not wear a bullet proof helmet!

Cheers, Siph (10pts)

7 Aug 2020

Deathwatch - Primaris Intercessors

Hello one and all,

Another week sees the completion of a further five Deathwatch Primaris Space Marine Intercessors. These are done exactly the same style as previous Primaris Marines.
The Black Shield has, as mentioned last week, a different coloured Bolt Rifle, my vision here was that he was given this weapon as an award for previous campaigns. The Codex mentioned the "Primarch's Wrath" Bolt Rifle. Could this be the fabled weapon?

The other Primaris Marines have had all details picked as I did before. With highlights added to the arm, and various chapter icons detailed.
The helmet lenses have had a slight blue OSL 'glow' added.

Really happy with the result for these five Primaris Intercessors for my growing Deathwatch Space Marine army.

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (5pts)

5 Aug 2020

Imperial Guard - Caliban Jaegers by Dark Canon - Pt.2

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, the second part of a guest post today from my mate Dark Canon, yes he is a fluffy player and treadhead as well as a Dark Angels player, hence the natural name Dark Canon.  Here we see the Heavy Armour part of the force, I'm told many more Artillery and Tanks will be on the way soon.
Russes, a Hellhound (I expect a few more soon!), Wyvern, Chimera and a magnetised Plasma Tank Commander. He is working on two more Basilisks at the moment.
The fabulous Death Korps of Kreig Deathriders, stand in as Rough Riders until GW produce some more up to date Astra Militarum kits... or as Deathriders detachment, they wear the same Blue Trench Coats as the DKoK Ogryns.
Who doesn't like massed Infantry Platoons, great stuff - I love Guard armies with lots of troopers.
Ah my nemesis, Bullgryns and in the rear lots of converted Ogryns (Posted HERE).
And the Command elements and Officio Assassinorum operatives - I see a Master of Signals and Fleet Officer in the painting queue...

Thanks to Dark Canon for sharing his progress with us at WeeMen. It's nice to see some other armies than mine or Lord Halfpenny's occasionally.

Cheers, Siph.

3 Aug 2020

Legio Astorum - Reaver Titan No.2 - WIP #4 - Head

Hello Titanseers, and all, welcome, thanks for dropping by. The Reaver build continues, whilst the Rites of Construction continue with the main torso and legs, more of that in the next post - so the time whilst JB Weld epoxy resin and clamps were setting and drying, I used the time wisely to progress some of the painting detail work and the fiddly bits.
I love all the details - they bring the models alive, so the Command Deck within the Head Unit is packed full of dials and details. I painted the approaching enemy Titan on the viewscreen with a warning triangle, I can imagine klaxons alarming!
The Head Unit is one piece with four hoses, I roughened the surfaces to glue and applied superglue to these as no structural weight is on these hoses. Epoxy Resin bonder is a bit over the top for hoses. The lenses were painted Stormhost Silver and then FW Clear Paints applied over them. These are deliberately bright as once the armoured cowling and Plexiglass is in place, they need to stand out.
My other Reaver has a crew in royal purple, so I continued the theme with this crew, Shyish Purple Contrast over Ulthuan Grey. The trousers were Ushabti Bone washed with Sepia. The skin Cadian Fleshtone and Reikland Fleshshade.
The seat cushions were given a coat of Khorne Red washed Nuln Oil, and the Eagle Aquila Ulthuan Grey washed with blue glaze.
The Princeps in his Command Throne awaiting the Moderati!
The crew now manned their Stations and ready for battle (once their Engine is completed).
A lot of work inside the head, however I will rarely actually get to see it but I know its done, just like the inside of the Torso.
The Head Armoured Cowling, with Plexiglass eye lenses, these were a tricky beast to cut and shape, however I finally sealed them in place and clamped whilst the PVA glue dried. I used spot drops of Super Glue but the predominant glue was PVA to prevent any gassing off and frosting.
The yellow was Army Painter Demonic Yellow over a white undercoat. Then 4 coats of FW Sigsmund Clear Yellow and in the recesses some Averland Sunset over the Demonic Yellow, giving more depth.
The trim was Vallejo Brass and washed Reikland Fleshshade, I lined the gold with a thin line of Black Ink to give definition.
The Princeps and Moderati of Legio Astorum Reaver Titan are ready to Walk! (Just need the Titan now...) Some great progress made and I am continuing with the main body - Heraldry and a Name for this Engine next!

Cheers, Siph.
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