31 Oct 2011

Weeman 3-way Battle at Warhammer World - first pics

6th Degree, Pornstarjedi and I travelled to Warhammer World at the weekend and battled on the Fortress Table with our 3-way, 3500pt armies. These pics show the Relictor set up.Whirlwinds and Fast Attack poised for the rushing onslaught of Bugs and Daemons, scouts dug in around the objective...The 'Nid green tide approaches. Daemons were of course Deep Striking on turn one, so no deployment pics.Pornstarjedi will be writing up a batrep shortly to post so I won't give anything away to who might have been successful or not. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the battle loads and a few beers, our now traditional game egg custard tarts and a pile of grub in Bugmans Bar. Good weekend was had by all.

29 Oct 2011

Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought #2

I've completed my second Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought using an Assault on Blackreach dreadnought chassis and two normal dread arms. I've tried to add similar scheme and bits to match the first (seen here, and at bottom of this post) so they are really a matching pair. The arms were designed from the Lascannon Arm, seen above and the Missile Launcher arm using bits from the Aegis Defence Line, Quad Mount Autocannons barrels and ammo bins. The method is described and documented by Ron at From the Warp and is easy to do. In honour of Ron, this one is named "Rhon", (more-like Imperial Gothic spelling), like his twin, "Drax", as a nod to other real nice bloggers who have been an inspiration and source of all things Weemen. The base of both use 28mm scale shell casings scattered about from the twin-linked pairs of Autocannons. And as you can see in the side profile pic above, I've used Melta Gun barrels to lengthen the rubbish short AoBR engine exhaust stacks to mirror the normal dread a bit more. The arms are magnetised as the 'pegs' for the AoBR dread are smaller than the standard arm 'slot', therefore only magnetised arms and the spare AoBR MM and DCCW arms can be used on this dread, Ron gets round this by wrapping some cardstock around the 'stud' - not that this Dreadnought will see any other action other than as a Rifleman - so much high strength, reliable dakka for such a low price, they are awesome. Here they both are side by side, vanquishing Daemons and 'Nids (hopefully) as you read at Warhammer World today at the Weemen 3way. I give you - Brother Drax and Brother Rhon.

Thanks for reading...

28 Oct 2011

Relictors Space Marine Army List 3Way 3500pts

So, following the guidance Pornstarjedi posted (to include all his nasty daemons he's bought!) I set about coming up with a list to combat 'Nids and Daemons. The list has to do three things, 1 - to stand up in CC with Daemons and Bugs, 2 - to Shoot high AV Daemon Engines and high T Monsterous Bugs, and 3 - to pie plate large areas of the battlefield. So basically, bring all my toys and think about Troops last! ;)

Relictors 3500pts

HQ Marneus Relicgar (Armour of Ant, Eternal Warrior, God of War, Orbi, Titanic Might)
HQ Chaplain (Termi)
HQ Librarian (Termi, Null Zone to re-roll Inv Saves, Machine Curse)
HQ Chaplain (Jump Pack, Digital Wpns)
HQ Master of the Forge (Bolster Defences, Conversion Beamer, Bike)

TP Tactical Sqd (ML, Flamer, Rhino)
TP Tactical Sqd (ML, Flamer, Rhino)
TP Tactical (x5, TL LC Razorback)
TP Scout (Hvy Bolter, Sniper, Camo Cloaks)

EL Termi Assault (Redeemer LR, MM)
EL Termi Asault (Godhammer LR)
EL Rifleman Dread
EL Rifleman Dread

FA Assault Sqd (Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Storm Shield, Power Fist)
FA Landspeeder (HF, MM)
FA Landspeeder (HF, MM)

HV Whirlwind
HV Whirlwind
HV Vindicator
HV Contemptor Dreadnought (2x DCCW, Hvy Flamer, Heavy Choice due to MotF)

Pie plates, CC and High Strength Shooty stuff.. done. The HQ choices will tag along with some Elites and FA to bolster their effectiveness and the MotF gives the Scouts more cover save + camo cloaks = 2+ in Fortress/Ruins/Buildings.

Wish the Imperial Forces good luck...

27 Oct 2011

Daemon 3way army list

Hi all!

The time has come to post my daemon list for this Saturday's 3way.


Skulltaker- on Juggernaut
Bloodthirster (Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God)


10 Bloodletter (all options)
10 Daemonettes (Instrument of Chaos)
11 Plaguebearers (Chaos Icon)
10 Horrors (Chaos Icon, and changeling)


6 Bloodcrushers (all options)
5 Flamers


5 Seekers of Slaanesh (Chaos Icon)
3 Screamers
Blight Drone


Soul Grinder (with Phlegm)
Soul Grinder (with Phlegm
Daemon Prince (Wings, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos)
Blood Slaughter
Bloodslaughter (+ spear)

I'm not 100% on the way I'm going to tackle the 3way- deep striking in between the Nid's and Relictors isn't going to be pleasant experience. My gut says to go out fighting, attacking all sides- however a couple of bad deep striking mishaps (as I've experienced) could be critical in this battle, more than any. Therefore the 'initial' plan may involve setting up an initial landing point in the center of the board and attack from there. As you may have noticed that I do have the units now to field a very nasty 'unit' which from what I've read on various other blogs is pretty fearsome- I'll discuss this further after the battle.

roll on the 3way!

24 Oct 2011

'Nids 3Weeway List

Hi all, so next weekend will be the first Annual (???) Weemen 3Weeway at Warhammer World (that’s a lot of W’s) with ‘Nids vs. Daemons vs. Relictors battling out to be crowned king of the blog (that’s the deal right?).
So looking at Pornstarjedi’s custom house rules and based on what I know of Pornstar and Siph’s armies, I have put my list together:
2 x Tyrant Guard
2 x Lash Whips
Tyranid Prime
Dual Boneswords
Adrenaline Glands
Toxin Sacks
Cluster Spines
Crushing Claws
Adrenaline Glands
Toxin Sacks
Cluster Spines
Crushing Claws
10 x Termagaunts
10 x Termagaunts
6 x Tyranid Warriors
6 x Lash Whip & Bone Swords
5 x Death Spitters
1 x Venom Cannon
30 x Hormagaunts
30 x Adrenaline Glands
30 x Toxin Sacks
10 x Genestealers
10 x Genestealers
3 x Hive Guard
3 x Hive Guard
2 x Venomthropes
Doom of Malantai
Mycetic Spore
2 x T/L BL Devourers
Frag Spines
Mycetic Spore
2 x T/L BL Devourers
Frag Spines
Mycetic Spore
Rupture Cannon
Dessicator Larvae
Cluster Spines
Trygon Prime
Adrenaline Glands
That’s exactly 3500pts.
I’m happy posting my list up early because there’s not much I can do about it…my army currently maxes out at about 4000pts, so I don’t have a huge amount of choice in what I can take – but I am happy with what I’ve got. And yes – I know I haven’t posted much whilst my collection has grown from 1500pts to 4000pts….but I am useless at getting round to taking pics. I’ll change. Promise.
There’s no way I am going to talk about tactics ahead of time (not with these crafty guys watching…) – although I am sure the astute readers out there will be able to look at Relictors and Daemon armies and my list and work out what I have in mind…*rasp croak hiss rasp growl* (the ‘Nid version of mwah ha ha ha ha)!

23 Oct 2011

Relictors Whirlwind #2

Here's some pics of the latest addition to the Relictor's Battle Company. I was thinking ahead to next weekends Weeman 3Way at Warhammer World and thought some nice indirect pie-plates would be good bug killers.

The chains and skull motif are common on all of my Relictors vehicles.

The big skull is a cut down version of the horned skull from the Archaic Ruins boxset. The twin Whirlwind had the normal skull icon, these look a little 'meaner'.

Why Veritas? No idea, it began with V, like the other whirlwind Valus, kinda a nod to the German Vengeance weapons? Clever, indirect, fearful, ahead of their time - and the precursor to the space race.

And here they both are, Valus and Veritas, all I need now is the spotter Landspeeder for another Apoc Formation...

21 Oct 2011

Blog Wars 2

Very quick post to say that I have just bought my Blog Wars 2 ticket so Weemen will be representing!!!

I'll be bringing along the 'Nids of course and will be posting about my list/modelling/painting shortly. Ooh - it also looks like there will be two other 'Nid players - score!!!

There is also a good chance that I will be dragging along a few "Friends of Weemen" from up north as well.

Check out From the Fang for tickets and info.

And don't forget to vote to help Siph site his LR Terminus Sponsons, poll in right hand bar >>>>

20 Oct 2011

Poll - How to Mount Landraider Terminus Lascannons

How to mount all the Lascannons... please vote in the margin. Poll closes Bonfire Night >>>>>>>>
Like the Stock variant? Hmmm... good marketing shot, doesn't show that all the guns can't point forward!

Or like this using Predator Turrets on top http://weemen.blogspot.com/2010/08/land-raider-terminus-invictus.html like Pornstarjedi did.

Or like this extending the side sponsons out http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmcgreen/5797543449/in/photostream/

Disclaimer - All links and Pic used without permissions, ask and I'll remove. This blog is no way associated with Games Workshop plc or Forgeworld etc.

18 Oct 2011

Relictors Landraider Godhammer Pattern "Zhiggae"

Hello Readers, this is the latest addition to the Relictor's growing Battle Company, the Godhammer Pattern, Landraider "Zhiggae".

I opted out of fitting the Multi-Melta, I know its only a cheap add-on but survivable anti-tank weapon, however with the PoftMS, I intend aiming one Twin-Linked Lascannon at one target, and the other using the PoftMS at another, so leave the other short range Landraiders, Redeemer and Crusader with the shorter range Anti-Tank Multi-Melta's instead.

The side doors are from FW, I opted to leave the front hatch as the standard kit and will 'bling' the eventual Crusader variant with a nice front hatch. And I have some Extra Armour for bulking out the eventual Terminus, once I can decide where I want to mount the extra single sponson Lascannons... triple side sponson, on top like Pornstarjedis, or FW Razorback turret type on top or Pred sponsons higher up and rear of side sponsons? Any suggestions? But not as the GW stock standard, blocking fire arcs of main armament! Stoopid. Maybe a poll is needed>>>>>>

I've weathered the tracks and surrounds with a bit of stippled mud to match all my other vehicles and as before, the LR has a crossed skull icon on the front (by PoftMS sensor) and some Chaos chains, visually linking her with the rest of my Armoury.

Now this is behind me, what's next... hmmm, maybe another Dreadnought in prep for the 3-way at the end of the month, and to finish of the chassis for the 2nd Whirlwind. And eventually I'll finish of the last squad of Devastators and HQ for my entire Battle Company - just missing these and 3 transports to have a Codex complete Battle Company (plus a considerable lot of extras!)

Thanks for stopping by. Siph out.

17 Oct 2011

Weeman 3way- Provisional House Rules

Hi all,

I wanted to put forward some provisional rules for a 3 way battle. The logistics with a 3 way 40k battle are completely different to that of a standard 40k battle between 2 forces. The potential for these battles are infinite- opposing forces being in a position to gun down the opposition as the opposition fight to the death in close combat with the other opposing force- for teams 'dealing with the devil' as short term pacts are made (of course this would never happen in the 40k universe)
As the weeman team are gearing towards the 1st 3way, I thought I put forward some provisional rules, and see what everyone things- all comments are grateful!

I will be covering the following sections in this post,

1)Force Organisational Chart
2) Initial Deployment
3)Who Goes First?
4)The Turn
a) Movement
b) Shooting
c) Assualt
5) Morale
6)Kill Points

1) Force Organisational Charts

For the larger 40k battles, I find the FoC slightly restrictive, therefore for thw Weeman 3way, the FoC will be modified to allow a little more freedom with army lists, but also to prevent a tank heavy/monstrous creature heavy army. Therefore the proposal for FoC as follows:

HQ- 5
Troops- 8
Elite- 4

From this, there is to be a minimum of 2 HQ, one of which has to be a character from relevant Codices/Imperial Armour, and 4 Troops.

The army lists will be taken from the relevant codex for each army, and can include units from any imperial armour book/FW website (Siph for your contemptor :))

A copy of your army list will be required on the day, for each competitor. Any questions regarding the list can be discussed at any stage of the game. (It is also the plan to upload the lists to the blog in advance) There will be kill points involved, thus points costs are required to be included on the army list.

2)Initial Deployment

For a 3 way the deployment can potentially be difficult to set out, as a table hasn't got 3 long edges- this is helped by the armies involved, Siph and the6thdegree will roll to see who gets which edge, and Jedi will be deep striking onto the board with his Daemons. (a whole lot of pain is coming my way...)

3) Who goes First?

For the 3way, we will each roll a D6, the highest will go first, then the second etc. If their is a tie, then the two combatants will re-roll against each other.

4)The Turn
Movement will take place as per normal 40k rules
Again the normal rules for 40k will be followed, however an opposition can shoot into combat if no of his/her units are locked in that combat.
Shooting- any shots into combat can hit either opposition, this will be determined once hit rolls are made. A second roll is made for each separate hit this will determine who has been hit. The roll required to each a specific unit is based on the number of models in each unit. Therefore

50/50- to hit unit A- 1,2,3 to hit unit B 4,5,6
33/66 to hit unit A (1/3 troops compared to unit B 2/3) 1,2 to hit unit A (unit B having 2/3 troops) 3,4,5,6 to hit Unit B etc. IE- A space marine is shooting at a unit of 20 bloodletters, and 5 genestealers, therefore there is a higher probability that the bloodletters will be hit.
If the combat is between a character and a unit, then a roll of 1 will hit the character, and 2-6 to hit the unit. (the character will probably be surrounded by the opposition.
2 characters- 1-3 character A, 4-6 character B.

Template weapons- any model hit under the template is hit- however the template must be aimed at a single unit rather than 'in between the two' Models under the template are taken as casualties if saves are failed.

C) Assault
normal 40k rules apply for assault, only the units who's turn it is can assault. plus the unit its in combat with (Player A Vs Player C units, Player B not involved with combat) Three way combat is possible, with rolls made to hit as per shooting (A will number of models in Unit B, vs Number in Unit C) once 'who' is hit, rolls to hit are made. Initiative is used to determine who hits first. However a unit that assaults into a 2way combat can not be hit on that first turn (as the 2 opposing units are busy fighting each other)

5) Morale
As per normal 40K, however in a 3way assault it will be the cumulative 'deaths' in a single round of combat, if there is a tie (IE Play 1, and 3 lost 3 models, to player 2, then both will need to do a morale test- if either, or both fail then they flee. rolls are made to see whether the units are chased and destroyed.

Units retreating, run towards their nearest table edge- if two opposing units flee from combat, then they have to be positioned 2 inches apart.

6) Kill points
Kill points will be used for the battle, as will 3 objectives, these will again follow normal 40k rules, with the following additions
if Unit a, is completely destroyed by player B, then B receives full unit KP.
if Unit A is <50% destroyed by player B then 50% KP is recieved to player B
if Unit A is >50% destroyed by Player B then 25% KP is received to player B
Vehicles have to be destroyed for full KP- to the player who dealt the killing blow,
50% KP for vehicles if the vehicle is immobile (however if vehicle is later destroyed by Player B the player A (player who immobilised the vehicle), then no KP are gained)
The objectives will have 3 different values too. These will be randomly selected, and will be
reveled at the end of the game.

Army lists are to be posted next week, before 27th October.

Lots of new additions to try, and I feel it will be a case of trial and error- but It'll be fun! This isn't Competetive gaming. The only prize is kudos and ownership until the next battle between any of us, of this-If you can make any suggestions of these rules please feel free.

15 Oct 2011

Whirlwind gets another Turret...

... or the slightly longer title of "2nd Whirlwind WIP but wanted to show it off anyway".
A similar turret to the first but with bigger missiles, just for variation. I will try to do the main body the same as the first too, and then maybe a Landspeeder with a Comms turret for the Apoc Formation.
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