27 Oct 2011

Daemon 3way army list

Hi all!

The time has come to post my daemon list for this Saturday's 3way.


Skulltaker- on Juggernaut
Bloodthirster (Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God)


10 Bloodletter (all options)
10 Daemonettes (Instrument of Chaos)
11 Plaguebearers (Chaos Icon)
10 Horrors (Chaos Icon, and changeling)


6 Bloodcrushers (all options)
5 Flamers


5 Seekers of Slaanesh (Chaos Icon)
3 Screamers
Blight Drone


Soul Grinder (with Phlegm)
Soul Grinder (with Phlegm
Daemon Prince (Wings, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos)
Blood Slaughter
Bloodslaughter (+ spear)

I'm not 100% on the way I'm going to tackle the 3way- deep striking in between the Nid's and Relictors isn't going to be pleasant experience. My gut says to go out fighting, attacking all sides- however a couple of bad deep striking mishaps (as I've experienced) could be critical in this battle, more than any. Therefore the 'initial' plan may involve setting up an initial landing point in the center of the board and attack from there. As you may have noticed that I do have the units now to field a very nasty 'unit' which from what I've read on various other blogs is pretty fearsome- I'll discuss this further after the battle.

roll on the 3way!

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