31 Oct 2011

Weeman 3-way Battle at Warhammer World - first pics

6th Degree, Pornstarjedi and I travelled to Warhammer World at the weekend and battled on the Fortress Table with our 3-way, 3500pt armies. These pics show the Relictor set up.Whirlwinds and Fast Attack poised for the rushing onslaught of Bugs and Daemons, scouts dug in around the objective...The 'Nid green tide approaches. Daemons were of course Deep Striking on turn one, so no deployment pics.Pornstarjedi will be writing up a batrep shortly to post so I won't give anything away to who might have been successful or not. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the battle loads and a few beers, our now traditional game egg custard tarts and a pile of grub in Bugmans Bar. Good weekend was had by all.

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