29 Oct 2011

Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought #2

I've completed my second Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought using an Assault on Blackreach dreadnought chassis and two normal dread arms. I've tried to add similar scheme and bits to match the first (seen here, and at bottom of this post) so they are really a matching pair. The arms were designed from the Lascannon Arm, seen above and the Missile Launcher arm using bits from the Aegis Defence Line, Quad Mount Autocannons barrels and ammo bins. The method is described and documented by Ron at From the Warp and is easy to do. In honour of Ron, this one is named "Rhon", (more-like Imperial Gothic spelling), like his twin, "Drax", as a nod to other real nice bloggers who have been an inspiration and source of all things Weemen. The base of both use 28mm scale shell casings scattered about from the twin-linked pairs of Autocannons. And as you can see in the side profile pic above, I've used Melta Gun barrels to lengthen the rubbish short AoBR engine exhaust stacks to mirror the normal dread a bit more. The arms are magnetised as the 'pegs' for the AoBR dread are smaller than the standard arm 'slot', therefore only magnetised arms and the spare AoBR MM and DCCW arms can be used on this dread, Ron gets round this by wrapping some cardstock around the 'stud' - not that this Dreadnought will see any other action other than as a Rifleman - so much high strength, reliable dakka for such a low price, they are awesome. Here they both are side by side, vanquishing Daemons and 'Nids (hopefully) as you read at Warhammer World today at the Weemen 3way. I give you - Brother Drax and Brother Rhon.

Thanks for reading...


  1. Very cool. I love the way the Rifleman configs look...the mean business!

    Very inspired naming them after great bloggers. Always nice to give a nod to the greats.

  2. I'm honored.
    I only hope it's able to live up to the expectations.


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