15 Oct 2011

Whirlwind gets another Turret...

... or the slightly longer title of "2nd Whirlwind WIP but wanted to show it off anyway".
A similar turret to the first but with bigger missiles, just for variation. I will try to do the main body the same as the first too, and then maybe a Landspeeder with a Comms turret for the Apoc Formation.


  1. Hmm...long ranged missiles. I wonder if I'll be seeing those pointed in my direction in the near future...

  2. Got to kill all those spawned Gaunts with some pie plates from behind cover! You'll have hundreds...

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  4. I better not spawn too many gaunts...I only have about 60-70 models.

    I am hoping to bring 6/7/8 Monstrous Creatures though.


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