23 Oct 2011

Relictors Whirlwind #2

Here's some pics of the latest addition to the Relictor's Battle Company. I was thinking ahead to next weekends Weeman 3Way at Warhammer World and thought some nice indirect pie-plates would be good bug killers.

The chains and skull motif are common on all of my Relictors vehicles.

The big skull is a cut down version of the horned skull from the Archaic Ruins boxset. The twin Whirlwind had the normal skull icon, these look a little 'meaner'.

Why Veritas? No idea, it began with V, like the other whirlwind Valus, kinda a nod to the German Vengeance weapons? Clever, indirect, fearful, ahead of their time - and the precursor to the space race.

And here they both are, Valus and Veritas, all I need now is the spotter Landspeeder for another Apoc Formation...

1 comment:

  1. They're looking awesome - can't wait to see them irl.


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