28 Oct 2011

Relictors Space Marine Army List 3Way 3500pts

So, following the guidance Pornstarjedi posted (to include all his nasty daemons he's bought!) I set about coming up with a list to combat 'Nids and Daemons. The list has to do three things, 1 - to stand up in CC with Daemons and Bugs, 2 - to Shoot high AV Daemon Engines and high T Monsterous Bugs, and 3 - to pie plate large areas of the battlefield. So basically, bring all my toys and think about Troops last! ;)

Relictors 3500pts

HQ Marneus Relicgar (Armour of Ant, Eternal Warrior, God of War, Orbi, Titanic Might)
HQ Chaplain (Termi)
HQ Librarian (Termi, Null Zone to re-roll Inv Saves, Machine Curse)
HQ Chaplain (Jump Pack, Digital Wpns)
HQ Master of the Forge (Bolster Defences, Conversion Beamer, Bike)

TP Tactical Sqd (ML, Flamer, Rhino)
TP Tactical Sqd (ML, Flamer, Rhino)
TP Tactical (x5, TL LC Razorback)
TP Scout (Hvy Bolter, Sniper, Camo Cloaks)

EL Termi Assault (Redeemer LR, MM)
EL Termi Asault (Godhammer LR)
EL Rifleman Dread
EL Rifleman Dread

FA Assault Sqd (Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Storm Shield, Power Fist)
FA Landspeeder (HF, MM)
FA Landspeeder (HF, MM)

HV Whirlwind
HV Whirlwind
HV Vindicator
HV Contemptor Dreadnought (2x DCCW, Hvy Flamer, Heavy Choice due to MotF)

Pie plates, CC and High Strength Shooty stuff.. done. The HQ choices will tag along with some Elites and FA to bolster their effectiveness and the MotF gives the Scouts more cover save + camo cloaks = 2+ in Fortress/Ruins/Buildings.

Wish the Imperial Forces good luck...


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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