20 Oct 2011

Poll - How to Mount Landraider Terminus Lascannons

How to mount all the Lascannons... please vote in the margin. Poll closes Bonfire Night >>>>>>>>
Like the Stock variant? Hmmm... good marketing shot, doesn't show that all the guns can't point forward!

Or like this using Predator Turrets on top http://weemen.blogspot.com/2010/08/land-raider-terminus-invictus.html like Pornstarjedi did.

Or like this extending the side sponsons out http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmcgreen/5797543449/in/photostream/

Disclaimer - All links and Pic used without permissions, ask and I'll remove. This blog is no way associated with Games Workshop plc or Forgeworld etc.


  1. I lowered the front ones on the sides

  2. Option R, same as the promotional pic only with sponsons swapped front to back

  3. I really like the triple side sponsons...they look cool.

  4. mate- you've always said you'd go for the triple lascannon version.. however the terminus 'invictus' is awesome...


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