25 Apr 2016

Relictors Space Marine Command Squad Veterans w/ Storm Shields

Hello, here is the latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company (plus extensive arsenal... see HERE). I have finally added to the lonely Apothecary from the Command Squad completed back in 2011, with the addition of two Veterans armed with Grav Guns and to keep them around a little longer, proxy Storm Shields - I love the Forge World Breacher Siege Squad miniatures so had to include them somewhere, so what better opportunity than to represent two Veterans with Storm Shields.
Here you can see the Grav Guns, the same scheme as my 4th Company Tactical Squad, and soon to have 3 Grav Bike Squads too...
The Power Pack is from two of the Limited Edition Sergeant with Bolter and Power Fist from a few years back, I think it is great at marking out these two as Command Squad Veterans.
I used a studded Pauldron and the other Pauldrons from the Betrayal at Calth box set, also the legs and torso too. the heads are from the FW Breacher Squad as they have Optics which link to the Optics in the Breacher (Storm) Shield.
Here is the Command Squad so far, so only two Miniatures until the Battle Company is 'officially' complete, although it never really will be will it ;)

Thanks for dropping by, cheers, Siph.

22 Apr 2016

Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard and Ranger Comparison Scheme WIP

Hi all, a super quick post to finish off the last post really, here is the requested comparison test scheme for the Vanguard against the already completed Skitarii Rangers Squad.
Both have Red, Gold and Tan elements, the main difference is the Vanguard have more Leadbelcher and have Black Overcoats with a red lining. Both share the bright Blue power cables.
Col H, hopefully that helps the comparison, side by side... something I should perhaps have done in the first place...  more new content up Monday with some more Relictors goodies, flutter that hobby butterfly...

18 Apr 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Vanguard Test Scheme - WIP

Hi all, my hobby butterfly won't settle. So I've been working on a test scheme for my Skitarii Vanguard. I wanted the palette to be darker and broodier than the Rangers I have so far. The rest of the force has a Mars Forgeworld scheme, this one is more like Agripinaa or Lucius with the dark overcoat but the red helmet and lining signifies Mars and helps link it to the others.
As before, to match the Rangers and Mordian7th fine work, I have kept the power cables blue and shoulder armour plates golden. But I have used more Leadbelcher/Boltgun Metal on these, I'm yet to add squad marking as I may not settle on Black coats. Let me know what you think, cheers.
And if you don't know Vanguard, they are the rad-troopers of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the foot slogging soldiers who are armed with the Rad poisoned Radium Carbines (3 shot S3 AP5, each 6 to-wound counts as 2 wounds) or have the ability for 3 troops per squad to be armed with the Plasma Caliver (3 shot Plasma Gun S7 AP2) so each squad can put out a lot of short ranged hurt (18"). Or Arc Rifles (haywire) and Transauranic Arquebus' for Armourbane fun.
The trouble is the box only comes with one of each - so Ebay prices for these special weapons are at a premium... I want 2 squads each with three Plasma Calivers... that will be 30 shots from each squad each turn, 9x S7 AP2 and 21x S3 AP5. That should upset Termies even with Storm Shields!

Let me know what you thinkof this scheme. Too dark? Red Overcoat? Or keep as is. Cheers.

11 Apr 2016

Titan Base, Bikes, Veterans and Tau Stealth Suits - WIP - Hobby Butterfly

Hi, I suffer Hobby Butterfly Syndrome... from my New Year, New Army post in January I kind of got distracted with Warlord Titan building, updating Ad Mech and now Relictors bikes - but I made some progress... honest.
I really painted up the drone to see what scheme I should use with them, and happy to continue with the scheme, the rest of the squad (plus another two other squads and the Ghostkeel) should get underway after I have finished some more Relictor bikes and paid the Warlord some more attention. But I will get there... honest.
Here is my Dachshund helping me do some of the Relictor Bikes, some of which were finished Melta Squad and Plasma Squad. I still have a number of bikes on the desk WIP...
A shot of the desk, working on Captain Mordaci Blaylock and Sternguard, two Veterans for the long awaited Command Squad, all from the Betrayal at Calth miniatures and some Boarding Shields from FW. Also Grav Bikes and Stealth Suits and a Skitarii Vanguard to test the scheme.
I also did a little carpentry making the base for the Warlord Titan construction...

Does anyone else suffer from HBS... Hobby Butterfly Syndrome?   ;)

4 Apr 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Onager Dunecrawler w/ Icarus Array

Welcome Readers, thanks for stopping by in our humble corner of the blogosphere. This is my latest addition to the glorious Ad Mech forces I purchased from Mordian7th, so now the job of adding my own painting skills to match his and more importantly match the existing forces so they appear as one cohesive force together. I think I did quite well in those regards.
I matched the red as best I could using a blend of Gore Red and Blood Red and also matched the golds and blues of the cables seen in the first Onager Dunecrawler, I also copied the white stripe on the front from the schemes seen in GW.
I added the foot spreading plates to differ it from the first, also more importantly I armed it with the fearsome Icarus Array for some much needed Anti-Air and equally capable of taking out Marines or light vehicles too.
I really enjoyed painting this miniature, it is very different from the recent Relictors Space Marine bikes. And the kit was a great kit to make, really good with lots of subtle differences and choices of gubbins and aerials.
The base was decorated with spare bits from a Tau Stormsurge cannon and Frag Launcher. Its a big base and otherwise would look too plain without something breaking up the expanse.
I think the Icarus Array looks awesome from the front. A Gatling Rocket Launcher (Hvy 5, S6, AP4) as well as Daedalus Missile Launcher (S7, AP2) plus the twin-linked Autocannon (Hvy 2, S7, AP4) all with Skyfire and the Autocannon has Interceptor which can be used to intercept and the rest of the array can target something else in the subsequent Shooting phase.
I also added a Cognis Heavy Stubber for more Dakka Dakka! Its cheap and I know how annoying those extra pew pew can be, Imperial Knights have often taken a few extra Marines during a battle.
And here is the family group shot with the first Onager Dunecrawler with Neutron Laser. So that is now a 5++ with the Field Harmonics from the combined Emanatus Force Fields instead of the single model's 6++.
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