25 Jul 2010

Ultramarine vs Relictors 2000 point battle

With a returning Siph, and a Jedi back home from another week away, the mighty forces of the Ultramarines and Relictors clashed over the remains of the once majestic capital city, both armies searching the ruins for 5 key objectives scattered around the city. The battle took place around the heart of the capital, the imperial temple, once a proud monument of the glorious Imperium now destroyed and plundered. The temple was located in the centre of the board, just to the south of the temple stood the prominent watch tower, which in the past was used to defend the temple, and two further imperial ruins. To the north of the temple was a large medical facility, however this facility wouldn't be treating the injured and the casualties -it would become the home of more fatalities. Close by this facility there was a small ruin , on one side, and on the opposite side were two tank wrecks from a previous meeting.

The objectives were placed so that 2 were located within each deployment zone, the first within the tank wrecks, and the second in on the watch tower. The remaining three within 'no-mans-land' the third objective was located in the large crater within the temple, a forth in the medical facility and the final objective sat in one of the ruins to the south of the temple

## ... Transmission, mighty Captain Sicarius, Sergeant Daxius here, we have scouted ahead- Relictors have been spotted moving towards the capital city- towards your location, it is felt that interception may be required, ### Confirmed, we will move into position## Captain, be warned, a redeemer has been.... aarrgghhhhh---- ## sergeant!! sergeant!!###

## transmission - Relictor chaplain, the location of the critical objectives are known- proceed to the imperial temple - we believe that within these objectives is information relating to the location of further chaos weapons.. ## confirmed, we will proceed, any defence forces?## positive, we have confirmed sightings of the loyal Ultramarines.. ## will we engage?## ~~~#

The scene was set, so space marine on space marine action, Ultramarines Vs Relictors, with a 2000 point battle. We went for an objective based format battle, with the Ultramarines starting to the west of the temple, and the Relictors to the East. Both armies having new additions to the force - Siph bringing forth his Landraider Redeemer 'Zeus' and Jedi, with a 10man Vanguard squad armed with Jump packs power weapons, relic blade, thunderhammer and storm shields - how would these new units fair? Would the flamestorm cannons unleash death to all power armoured marines and how much death would the 'flying terminators' vanguards inflict?

Both forces deployed tactically, the Relictors positioned both vindicators either side of the temple ruins, and the Redeemer with the a terminator squad and Librarian sat next to the vindicator to the south of the Temple. Tactical squads were deployed across the field, a five man squad hiding within the ruined tanks, and a second combat squad waiting just outside the temple. A scout squad took position in the temple, larking on the balcony. An assault squad of 6 and the jump pack chaplain were positioned by the ruined tanks, and Finally two combat squads in rhinos were positioned either side of the temple- ready to motor towards the objectives. In reserves a drop pod full of a 10 man sternguard squad. The ultramarines were deployed in similar fashion, a scout squad took their place within the watch tower, combat squads were deployed in the ruins in front of the medical facility and just below the watch tower, as well as by the entrance to the temple and on the upper floors of the ruined imperial building. A vindicator was positioned to face towards the medical building, and a predator destructor facing the opposite direction. In reserve was a drop pod full of sternguard, a 5 man terminator assault squad, and then the uber unit of 10 vanguards with jump packs, as well as a captain and a chaplain with jump packs- 7 power weapons, 1 thunderhammer, 5 storm shields and 2 relic blades- potentially over 50 attacks in close combat-
Turn 1

The first turn for the Relictors saw the rhinos move forward towards the objectives on either side of the temple. The assault marines and chaplain fired up the jump packs and moved towards the medical facility, taking position by the doors. The Land Raider also rumbled forward- next from a roar in the sky, signaled the arrival of the Relictors drop pod, landing in between the vindicator and the predator. The shooting phase started with the scouts firing a krak missile into the combat squad on the top floor of the temple on the opposite side, taking down one marine, then the following bolter shots took out a second- unfortunately the squad broke and ran. The Relictors vindicator fired at the opposing Vindicator, scoring a hit, and shaking the crew. The missile launchers within the combat squads took aim at the tanks visible - each scoring hits, the first stunning the predator, the second failing to penetrate the armour of the vindicator. The newly arrived sternguard, now split into combat squads took aim at the combat squad waiting by the doors to the temple- taking aim and unleashing 10 vengeance rounds into the squad, the shooting took one marine out, however two were lost to overheating! (Siph's dice rolls returned to normal service- 1's and 2's!!)

In return the Ultramarines started with a DP of their own, with 10 sternguards ready to join the fray, landing just behind the assault marines and chaplain. the combat squads on either flank moved forward into positions to view the objectives. The vindicator moved forward slightly into a position to view the rhino by the medical lab- ready to shot next turn.. The combat squad by the ruins in front of the medical facility moved forward towards the objective. The shooting phase saw the sternguard taking out 2 assault marines, and wounding the chaplain. The combat squad by the temple doors, turned a fired the flamer into the Relictors sternguard prior to charging into them for some close combat, taking 2 marines down in flames! The squad then charged into combat, 3 marines on 3, however the UM lost the combat, failed their morale test and were wiped out by the Relictors! (oops!!, Jedi)
Turn 2

Turn 2 saw the Relictors taking a hold of the battle, with redeemer moving forward to allow the terminator squad to disembark and be in a position to charge the predator. The rhinos moved further forward towards the objectives, and the combat squads in each disembarked towards the respective objectives, each using the rhinos for cover. A combat squad of sternguards ran towards the scouts in the tower, and the assault marines and chaplain fired up their jump packs and moved away from the sternguard that had just arrived via dp, and into a position to potentially charge the UM combat squad moving towards the medical objective. Finally in the center the combat squad standing by the doors to the temple rushed through the claim the objective in the middle. the shooting phase saw the scouts taking aim at the same combat squad that they had fired upon before, and killed another member of the squad, with the redeemers assault cannons taking down the survivors. The vindicators opened fire to, the first missed its target, however the second hit, killing five of the sternguard in a massive fireball of death!
The sternguard and terminators charged into combat with the vindicator and the predator respectfully. The sternguard failed to penetrate the tank, however the tank was stunned again, and the terminators destroyed the predator in an vicious explosion caused by thunderhammers connecting with armour.
In response the UM's terminators in reserve arrived, on their table edge, moved straight away towards the sternguard moving towards the tower, the sternguards moved away from the dp, to allow them a sight of the assault marines, the tactical squad below the scouts moved slightly forward, allowing them a slight look at the tactical Relictors by the objective. The shooting phase saw the sternguards open up against the assault squad- killing another 2. The assault terminators then charged into the 3 sternguards, wiping the squad out, for the lost of one of their number.

Turn 3

The Relictors had a form grip on the battle at this point, turn three saw the Relictors consolidate their position, firstly the terminators moved from the predator wreck towards and through the temple doors, towards the central objective, also the vindicator to the south of the temple moved towards the table edge to get a better view of the sternguard situation to the north of the temple. The redeemer moved backwards also, however the assault cannons were aimed solely at the 4 man terminator squad. Other movement saw the scouts move from their position to the front of the temple on the Relictors table edge. Both tactical squads took firm positions around the objects. During the shooting phase, Siph had more luck with taking out an entire combat squad moving towards the medical facility with the combined effort of bolter, missile launcher from the combat squad, storm bolter from the rhino and the vindicator, (leaving 2 squads of troops left on the UM front) next the redeemer opened fire and killed a terminator- the terminators rolled and failed there morale test, and duly ran off the board! things were looking bad for the UM's now! to compound that the UM's were in a bad situation the sternguard destroyed the vindicator with some well placed krak grenades! The assault marines and chaplain charged into combat with the sternguards and killed another member of the squad too.
Turn 3 for the UM's saw the arrival of the uber unit comprising of a 10 man vanguard unit, attached with a captain and chaplain. The unit arrived on the Relictors table edge and straight away separated into 3 separate units- the vanguard driving in towards the scouts, the captain charged towards the tactical squad behind the land raider, and the chaplain towards the assault marines and the opposing chaplain. There was little other movement on the UM front due to lack of numbers! the only movement were the tactical combat squad moving from cover from beneath the watch tower to oppose the tactical squad by the objective, in a deadly standoff. The shooting phase saw little in the way of shooting, the marines at the foot of the watch tower fired at the Relictors, taking down one marine. The assault phase saw all the action taking place, the captain dived into the tactical squad, killing all five marines with his relic blade, likewise the combined effort of the chaplain and sternguard finished of the assault squad leaving just two chaplains alive, locked in combat. The vanguard charged into the scouts, over 35 dice were rolled just for the vanguards, with a mix of chain and power weapons, plus a thunderhammer and relic blade. the poor scouts died, with no defence. the vanguard consolidate to spread out, as Siph had pointed out that the squad was standing between two vindicators - both within range.
Turn 4

Turn 4, started with the terminators moving towards the Redeemer and embarking, the landraider then moved towards the Vanguard lurking behind the doors to the temple, in a move to prevent them from charging into the tactical squad holding the objective. The tactical squad holding the objective moved to face the opposing space marines, and the rhino moved in to a position to be able to blast them with its storm bolter. The redeemer started the shooting phase by shooting through the door at the vanguards, thankfully the storm shields of the vanguard prevented any harm, then the dice gods looked kindly at the UM's, as both vindicator shots missed the vanguards completely from point blank range! (an opening for the UM's??) The tactical squad fired across at the UM tactical marines, taking a sole kill for their effort. The combat phase saw the terminators assaulting out of the land raider and into the vanguard, could the vanguard hold fast? the combat saw bucket loads of dice rolling, and as the dust settled, the UM's had more marines standing- the terminators failed their morale check and fled towards the table edge, leaving the tactical marines in the center open to attack. The chaplain of the UM bested the Relictors chaplain, killing him with a mighty blow from his power weapon.

The UM turn 4, potentially the final turn, the vanguard swooped into the tactical squad holding the central objective, likewise the chaplain and captain reunited and charged into the medical facility into the marines holding the objective. There was shooting the north of the temple as the tactical squad destroyed the rhino with a multi melta shot, then the key moments of the battle, could the combine effort of the chaplain, captain and vanguard kill the two tactical squads holding the objectives? firstly the vanguard piled in, killing the tactical squad with power weapon ease, the captain and chaplain similarly made light work of the tactical squad in the medical facility, leaving only one marine standing.

The conclusion of turn 4 saw a roll off, to see whether the game finished- a 5, thus the game was over, a thrilling draw! The UM Scouts holding the tower obj, the Relictor combat sqd holding the southern ruins.
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