18 Apr 2009

Relictors Thunderfire Cannon

Just a quick post to see the progress of my latest edition to my Relictors Space Marine Army, a Thunderfire Cannon. I've just got to do the Techmarine now, which is actually more of a job than the cannon itself. I'm going with a standard Codex colour scheme for the Techmarine, mainly red uniform with a Chapter shoulder pad.

The lenses on the cannon have been 'Ardcoated so they look glassy. The cannon itself is simple to do, mainly drybrushing metals with a few varied colours to add detail. The construction itself is pretty straight forward once cleaned up, except the breech block - that required several attempts after heavy filing to fit without forcing the cannon barrel apart.

Now, do I base it like Zen 40,000 has over at his blog here or leave as is? Comments welcome... (2 painting points btw)

15 Apr 2009

Battle Report Ultramarines vs Relictors 2500pts

Following the previous skirmish over the unknown power source on Zevas IV, the Relictors only managed to gain the co-ordinates of the Relic from the Enginseer before a Vindicare’s bullet saw to his oath of silence. A large detachment of the Relictors have been dispatched to ensure the Relic leaves the system with them, the Ultramarines seek to prevent this continued heresy of the Relictors and turn them back to the light of the Emperor or destroy them in the process, it matters not which path the Relictors choose.

## Transmission begins...
...Relictors have been spotted heading towards the ruined cursed temple of the Chaos Lord Vekar. A large task force of Relictors are to deploying to the North of the Codonic region. This was once an area for Imperial research before the Chaos incursion. There are four key points to control, a disused firebase and an abandoned bastion, both of which have vital information about the origins of the relic. There is also a large ruined area to the east of the temple which is believed to be the hiding place of the surviving research team. The final area to the west of the temple has hieroglyphs scrawled on a ruined bunker wall which could give the co-ordinates of a second possible relic. Primary mission is to secure the Temple ruins, secondary objectives are the extraction of the research team and obtaining any information useful to Inquisitor Lorr...

…Transmission ends ##

The UM scouts set up in the Firebase whilst a combat squad set up in the ruins objective. One squad was embarked in a rhino whilst two held in reserve with drop pods and Tigurius. Calgar and Assault Termies were embarked in the LR and an assault squad would deep strike. A Whirlwind stayed out of sight behind the firebase.

The Relictors assault sqd and Chaplain set up in the bunker objective and convoy of tac sqd Rhino and Vindys and Pred rolled on. More sqds were embarked in 2 other Rhinos and the scouts with Telion-esque set up in the bastion. The Dred and a Combat sqd set up near the central fuel depot. Assault Termies and Librarian, Tac sqd drop pod and 2 Landspeeder Tornadoes held in reserve.

Turn 1. The UM LR rumbled slowly forward and failed to destroy its Pred target, a UM drop pod fell behind the Relictor held bastion objective and rhino drove toward the ruins on the UM left flank. The Relictors responded with fire from the Predator failing to damage the LR and the Rhino's sped down both flanks and disgorged their Tac sqd cargo joining the Assault sqd and Chaplain on the left flank. The Vindies moved slowly forward but their fire fell far short of their targets. (I chuckled slightly at the oversight-Jedi) Turn 2. The Relictor Pred disabled the LR tracks and the right flank Tac sqd doubled back to deal with the drop pod in their rear - the scouts shot up the UM drop troops before the Tac sqd assaulted - 3 UM survived, and what a pain they would become! (Indeed!!-Jedi) The combat sqd, Pred and Dred pushed on in the centre toward the temple double objective whilst the Vindies, Tac Sqd and Assault sqd pushed on toward the firebase. The UM answered back with a LR shot at the lead Rhino destroying its Stormbolter and some harassing fire from the Whirlwind at the combat squad now occupying the bunker.

Turn 3 saw the Relictor Dred get whacked by the UM Pred, in return the Relictor Pred couldn't quite fire back so it destroyed the UM Rhino following it instead. The Vindy in the Relictor rear sped towards the UM drop pod but was picked off with ease by the immobile LR leaving the troops to fend for themselves. 10 Tac Marines with fire support from the scouts above should see off the 3 UM troops? The Relictors rolled some terrible dice (The Emperor had guided 1's and 2's..-Jedi) and lost the combat leading them to flee straight off the board edge! Elsewhere, UM Assault troops dropped in to position themselves to take the bunker but the Relictor Assault Termies came in from reserve to destroy them. Other Relictors pushed in towards the centre objective and a drop pod arrived to counter the UM push in the centre.

Turn 4. The heaviest fighting occured near the centre between UM Tac Sqd and the newly arrived Relictor drop pod troops. The lone combat sqd survivor from a whirlwind barrage ran to the centre of the temple claiming the centre for the Relictors and the 2nd Rhino disgorged its Tac Sqd to reinforce the centre. Calgar and the UM Assault Termies finally completed their foot slogging to join in combat in the centre and a UM drop pod containing Tigurius and a Tac sqd landed in front of the Firebase and obliterated the Relictors surging forward to contest this corner then Fleet of Footed 18 inches to take out the Relictor Chaplain contesting the Firebase. (After some thought and heavy punishment from multiple Psychic shooting attacks and awesome CC, Siph thinks Tigurius is overpowered for 40k battles. Very annoying, must get one myself! - best for Apoc) (As long as you are on my side!!- Jedi) In the opposite corner the 2 UM drop pod survivors continued their unbelievable success and lauched a flamer attack on the Scouts occupying the Bastion killing the entire Bolter sqd and contesting the objective. The empty rhino on the Relictor right rammed the UM Pred causing no damage.

Turn 5. Calgar proved himself the God Of War as he tore through the Relictors in the centre but failed to destroy the entire sqd leaving the sole Veteran Sergeant from the combat sqd free to hold the centre for the Relictors... calling fire support, the UM Whirlwind and Vindicator opened up and bought a heavy barrage down on his head, killing him and burying the Relic out of the Relictors grasp. In return for the Tigurius killing spree over by the Firebase, the Relictor Vindicator placed a well aimed shell on his position and all the Psychic know-how can't save you from half a ton of explosive! The Relictor landspeeders finally made an appearance and zoomed to eradicate the pesky UM Drop Pod survivors finally and saw the Bastion back in Relictor hands.

The final result saw 2 Objectives each and no-one in the centre double-objective. The result, a draw and thoroughly enjoyable (except Tigurius! - Siph) game. Both sides Assault Termies foot slogging weakness' were shown, Calgar and his squad not getting action until turn 4 and Relictor Lib and sqd seeing no action after destroying the assault sqd. The luck of the dice showed in the UM drop troops in the Relictor rear with and outstanding performance from the flamer armed Tac Marine! He deserves a re-paint, re-sculpt and to be mounted on a plinth for his deeds! (It shall be done! - Jedi) Siph learned that the range of his new Vindicators is quite short and Whirlwinds are great nuisance weapons - gotta get one of those! Porn-Star-Jedi learnt (again) that the best laid transport plans of LR mounted Termies don't always go to plan but Calgar and Tigurius are indeed Gods Of War!

9 Apr 2009

Shadowsword Variants Simple Conversion

I was recently bought a Shadowsword/Stormlord as a thank-you present so I've taken a departure from my Relictors to have a look at constructing the kit. However, the biggest problem was what variant to choose? So, I opted for 5 out of six variants.

To make the sixth, the Stormlord you need several different pieces and alter the engine block and turret mounted weapon, however the other five just require 2 pieces to be moveable and a selection of barrels. I'm sure there is a way to make all 6 variants but that would involve magnetizing several sections and over complicate things, besides, it gives me an excuse to go ahead and buy another tank later...

All you have to do is fix some old sprue strutts inside the hull to support the flat hull plate (which btw is reversible too). Keep the turret assembly and the flat hull plate unglued when you finish construction, this way you can swop them about with ease.

8 Apr 2009

Marvelous Necromunda Find

I was going into a little cupboard under the beer fridge looking for my Space Hulk (which btw has full rules, components and both expansions all crammed in the orginal box!) and I stumbled upon my Necromunda. I knew it was there, but when I peeked inside, I found our old lads house (1994-1998) inter gang warfare - all 4 gangs and rules and player summary sheets plus some gang rosters! Bloomin' marvelous find if I don't say so myself.

The photos will do the talking, my Goliaths, Jay's Orlocks, Alz Delaques, Big Stu's Van Saar and some house Spyrers and Hive Scum. Must get a game in soon if I can remember how...

7 Apr 2009

Relictor Vindicator #3 of 3 - Linebreaker Squadron

Finally finished the third and final Vindy and a great feeling to have my first Apocalypse formation done and dusted (plus the obvious benefit of having 3 heavy support options for my Relictors!). This is Vindicator number 1, 'Infernum', the Command tank of the Relictors Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron attached to my 5th Company.
Subtle differences on this tank were a different chain on Siege Shield, a Skull Motif with bones under the drivers vision slit rather than just a skull (denotes Command Tank), the wound marker Skull on Siege Shield and of course the SM Command Sensor atop the hatch ring plus some FW purity seals. I'm quite pleased with the mud effect on Siege Shield - not over the top and the two tone mix looks good IMHO.

So without further rambling, here is the Squadron.
More pictures available at the 'Finished Relictors' tab in the sidebar>>>>

6 Apr 2009

Relictors Vindicator #2 of 3

Here is Vindicator number 2 'Impervious' from my Relictors Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron attached to my 5th Company. Pretty much the same as Vindicator 'Idaeus' with the exception of the ammo hoist being empty, I cut the pieces so the grab claws were closer together and the headlight ports on the siege shield are closed. Here is a better view of the top of the Vindy. Number 3 will have the SM Command Sensor from the command frame sprue and a big skull motif on the Siege Shield made from a wound marker.
As before, more pictures available in the right hand column at the picture link 'Finished Relictors' >>>>>>

5 Apr 2009

Relictors Vindicator #1 of 3

So, here is the first (actually Vindicator No.3) of my Relictor Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron, as attached to my 5th Company. As I said in a previous post, I had a little help from my friends in Sri Lanka at http://www.paintedfigs.com/ to do the basic paint job for me before I painted and added all the detailing how I wanted it. The shot below shows one of the basic models fresh from the post and the 'bits' for one tank I've been constructing whilst waiting for them to arrive.

Once the tanks arrived I painted the Cupola Armoured Glass, Drivers Windscreen, applied transfers, added weathering and painted every rivet (lots of them). I then added the bits I've been busy doing, the Siege Shield and Pistons, Skull Motifs and Chains, Aquila, Gun Sensors, Auto Launchers (a little Chaos detailing - after all I am the Relictors), Ammo Hoist, Smoke Extractor Fan Assembly, Purity Seals, Name Scroll, Drivers Vision Guard and the Command Sensor for the Squadron Command tank (to follow).

The Ammo Hoist and Shell came up nicely. The shell case itself is simply Brazen Brass with a Devlan Mud wash and the projectile Bolt Gun Metal with a Badab Black wash. Weathering effects were mainly Calthan Brown and Graveyard Earth. (Oh, and only half painting points for this tank as I didn't do it all myself)
More pics of Vindicator Idaeus are available in the 'Finished Relictors' web album in the righthand sidebar >>>>

4 Apr 2009

Apocalypse Hints and Tips

From my first apocalypse battle, and boy was it a massive apocalyptic battle!! Stompa's, a Reaver titan, a Gargant and Thunderhawk Gunship plus millions of troops!

I feel that an apocalypse battle needs good planning beforehand, the guys at Games Workshop had organised the whole event and sorted a clear battle plan and history for the battle. They supplied the tables, terrain, and in a game with over 20,000 points you need lots of terrain!

I planned my army the week before, as the initial plan was for 4,000pts per player. However, on arrival I was told that due to the Imperials being down a player that I could have more troops. Queue a mad dash home to pick up more tanks!

In my mind, there are a couple of key points that I took away from the battle which I would like to share:
  • Time- We only had 2 hours play, and we were strict with the half an hour turn rule. This helped to keep the game moving. - It would of been good to have more time so look to have your battles over the course of a day/weekend
  • Organiser- We had one of the guys from GW monitor the game for any issues/problems/bare knuckle fist fights etc- Having a strong organiser is essential for a smooth game.
  • Space- We had 4, 8x4 tables so lots of space for all the weemen! - You also need to be able to reach models in the centre of the board, therefore having lower tables is best
  • Communication- Talking to both your team mates and opposition is vital. Any roll you make needs to be done whilst one of the opposition watches to avoid any 'what was that roll for?' and 'how did you kill my super-heavy??)
  • Dice, Dice and more Dice... I found it useful to have several different colours of dice.
  • Having further space to keep you reserve units save, and out of the way.
  • Troop choices are essential, simply these guys are needed to grab the objectives.

Hope that these points are useful!!

3 Apr 2009

Imperial force vs Orks Games Workshop Apocalypse battle March 2009

I took part in my first Apocalypse battle at my local Games Workshop. It was a weekend of 40k, however due to work I could only attend the Sundays activities.

The battle was themed around the third War of Armageddon, a massive force of Orks clashed with the Imperial forces. There were 5 Ork players and 4 Imperial. Each player had upwards of 5000 points.
My Ultramarines comprised of serious 'punch' units, two squads of Terminators with a Terminator Chaplain and the God Of War (or dog of war during the battle) Marneus Calgar. These units were transported into battle in a Thunderhawk Gunship. I also had two 10 man full drop pods, a combat squad supported by Tigurius, 6 man Sternguard squad with Cassius, two Dreadnoughts a Landraider with support from a Baneblade and a Shadowsword, oh, and a Reaver! On the Imperial side there were also several baneblades/shadowswords and a Stormlord plus several Sister of Battle units.

The Orks had 5 Stompas, and a Gargant- 7 Structure points and 4 shields. The orks also had renegade Imperial guard and Space marine units. The deployment stages was very entertaining, the orks played the jamming beacon, so no communication during deployment, - 4minutes isn't long to get as many units on the table! - The orks had a massive 25 minutes and another 5 minutes to discuss their tactics!

Due to time issues we could only have 2 turns, 30 minutes a turn. let battle commence!!

Turn 1, the Orks grabbed the initiative and started first, all of the Stompa's charged forward getting into a good position to launch into assault. The Gargant took aim and blasted one of the Baneblades, 1 structure point down. The lifta drop also showed good aim and dropped one of the Leman Russ' into the forest. Combat was bloody, with the titan close combat weapons showing no grace as two Baneblades were assaulted, one exploding taking another two Leman Russ' with it! (curse that 6 on the super heavy catastrophy table!) The Reaver took some heavy fire and all void shields were overloaded. (BOO!!)

Imperial turn 1 started with the landing of the Thunderhawk Gunship (reserves were allowed on turn 1 due to the lack of time). Terminators and Marneus deployed from the gunship, ready to charge into assault that turn. The Sisters of Battle charged forward to comand the objective in no-mans-land. My Sternguard took control of the second objective in no-mans-land. The shooting phase was heavy, with all weapons fired at the Gargant and the Stompas. The Gargant lost all of its shields and 2 structure points. 1 Gargant was reduced to 1 structure point. The assault phase was swift as the Terminators and Marneus charged into the renegade Imperial forces and wiped them out without loss. The Orks final turn, the arrival of another Stompa, two mobs of Killer Kans and 30 ork boyz just behind the Reaver titan, all ready to charge into combat. Things were looking bad for the Imperials. More boyz arrived on the other side if the table to contest the objective in no-mans-land from the Sternguard. A further mob of biker boyz zoomed up behind one of the Baneblades, the Nobz powerclaw readied for action. The Orks weren't able to hit a thing, (a good thing) however, the Renegade forces with the support from a Drop Pod full of space marines managed to take out two of the mighty terminators (Two failed storm shields saves. I need bigger shields like Siph's Termi's.) and also took out the thunderhawk with lascannon fire from all directions. In the assault phase, the orks took control of the battle, two more Baneblades felt the wrong end of the Stompa's close combat weapons. A further Baneblade was destroyed by that Ork Nob on the warbike (four 6's in a row... unbelieveable). Worst was to follow as the Orks behind the Reaver charged into combat with my lone combat squad, wiping them out to a man, the Stompa charged into combat with the Reaver and hammered home by taking off 3 structure points. Things were looking very bad for the Imperial forces.
The final turn had little movement, Drop Pods were deployed to contest objectives. Orbital bombardments with support fire from the remaining super heavy tanks managed to take out the Gargant, on the last roll for damage, a 6 was rolled... a further roll of 6 meant that the Gargant went out with a massive apocalyptic explosion. 9 was rolled, thus taking a massive amount of troops and tanks, enough to have made a good small skirmish! Close combat again was manic as the Terminators smashed into more of the Renegade Imperial forces and killing more of them. The Reaver stomped back at the killer kans around its base, taking one with it, however the combination of 2 killer kans and the Stompa were enough to take down the mighty Titan. A bell on Mars chimed at the death of one of its mighty war machines.

As the dust settled, the results were close. The Imperial forces had control of 1 objective and contested 3 others, the Orks had control of 2 objectives!! The Orks won the battle.
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