2 Apr 2009

Hints and Tips Part 1

Part of my role at work relates to staff training, (what's this got to do with weemen you may ask??) I handle my modelling and painting in the same way I deal with training.

"Efficient training, might not be effective training."

This relates to making sure that the training is done to a level that the person doesn't need re-training in that aspect. (again, what is the relevance?!)

Right- In terms of modeling and painting, I'm relating to making sure that you don't need to repaint a model due to ineffective painting. I like to not rush projects too much and I think that's what I mean with the quote...

"Efficient modeling might not be effective modeling."

You can rush to get a model finished ready for an upcoming battle, however, by rushing the model it may require more work on it to achieve the desired look at a later date. I think that planning is key, plan the pose of the model and make sure that the model ties in with the overall look of the squad. I also like to plan ahead with any extra details. Making sure that extra additions don't spoil the models overall appearance (like having hair blowing one way, and a banner the other). It's little things like these that make a good model look great!

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