4 Apr 2009

Apocalypse Hints and Tips

From my first apocalypse battle, and boy was it a massive apocalyptic battle!! Stompa's, a Reaver titan, a Gargant and Thunderhawk Gunship plus millions of troops!

I feel that an apocalypse battle needs good planning beforehand, the guys at Games Workshop had organised the whole event and sorted a clear battle plan and history for the battle. They supplied the tables, terrain, and in a game with over 20,000 points you need lots of terrain!

I planned my army the week before, as the initial plan was for 4,000pts per player. However, on arrival I was told that due to the Imperials being down a player that I could have more troops. Queue a mad dash home to pick up more tanks!

In my mind, there are a couple of key points that I took away from the battle which I would like to share:
  • Time- We only had 2 hours play, and we were strict with the half an hour turn rule. This helped to keep the game moving. - It would of been good to have more time so look to have your battles over the course of a day/weekend
  • Organiser- We had one of the guys from GW monitor the game for any issues/problems/bare knuckle fist fights etc- Having a strong organiser is essential for a smooth game.
  • Space- We had 4, 8x4 tables so lots of space for all the weemen! - You also need to be able to reach models in the centre of the board, therefore having lower tables is best
  • Communication- Talking to both your team mates and opposition is vital. Any roll you make needs to be done whilst one of the opposition watches to avoid any 'what was that roll for?' and 'how did you kill my super-heavy??)
  • Dice, Dice and more Dice... I found it useful to have several different colours of dice.
  • Having further space to keep you reserve units save, and out of the way.
  • Troop choices are essential, simply these guys are needed to grab the objectives.

Hope that these points are useful!!


  1. Sounds like some good advice. What's better is that it came from a good game.

  2. Great advice! Any advice on list creation? Were you happy with the force you brought along?

  3. Thanks guys,

    Cawshis Clay, list creation was quite tricky, I went for a hard hitting unit, aimed at maximum destruction. However i wish i had spoken to my team to work out which areas we needed more in (ie Troops)


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