8 Apr 2009

Marvelous Necromunda Find

I was going into a little cupboard under the beer fridge looking for my Space Hulk (which btw has full rules, components and both expansions all crammed in the orginal box!) and I stumbled upon my Necromunda. I knew it was there, but when I peeked inside, I found our old lads house (1994-1998) inter gang warfare - all 4 gangs and rules and player summary sheets plus some gang rosters! Bloomin' marvelous find if I don't say so myself.

The photos will do the talking, my Goliaths, Jay's Orlocks, Alz Delaques, Big Stu's Van Saar and some house Spyrers and Hive Scum. Must get a game in soon if I can remember how...


  1. Beauty find - love necromunda. Have a few folks over on occasion to play. In fact just traded some wood elves I'll never use for an escher gang. :)

  2. Nice find on the Necromunda front! I can also appreciate your Space Hulk collection. I have all three first edition sets (two sets of floor tiles for Space Hulk itself) and two sets of second edition floor tiles. Unfortunately, many of the minis have disappeared. But I have put together the minis needed to play from non Space Hulk boxes thanks to Ebay.

  3. wow, i wish i could find such awesome things under my fridge :D

  4. You indeed have a magical fridge!
    Gotta love some of those sculpts - they still stack up well with modern miniatures.

  5. Very nice find, for some reason those Necromunda (and Mordheim) minis just have so much character!

    But after this, who knows what else way be hiding in the shadowns :D


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