15 Apr 2009

Battle Report Ultramarines vs Relictors 2500pts

Following the previous skirmish over the unknown power source on Zevas IV, the Relictors only managed to gain the co-ordinates of the Relic from the Enginseer before a Vindicare’s bullet saw to his oath of silence. A large detachment of the Relictors have been dispatched to ensure the Relic leaves the system with them, the Ultramarines seek to prevent this continued heresy of the Relictors and turn them back to the light of the Emperor or destroy them in the process, it matters not which path the Relictors choose.

## Transmission begins...
...Relictors have been spotted heading towards the ruined cursed temple of the Chaos Lord Vekar. A large task force of Relictors are to deploying to the North of the Codonic region. This was once an area for Imperial research before the Chaos incursion. There are four key points to control, a disused firebase and an abandoned bastion, both of which have vital information about the origins of the relic. There is also a large ruined area to the east of the temple which is believed to be the hiding place of the surviving research team. The final area to the west of the temple has hieroglyphs scrawled on a ruined bunker wall which could give the co-ordinates of a second possible relic. Primary mission is to secure the Temple ruins, secondary objectives are the extraction of the research team and obtaining any information useful to Inquisitor Lorr...

…Transmission ends ##

The UM scouts set up in the Firebase whilst a combat squad set up in the ruins objective. One squad was embarked in a rhino whilst two held in reserve with drop pods and Tigurius. Calgar and Assault Termies were embarked in the LR and an assault squad would deep strike. A Whirlwind stayed out of sight behind the firebase.

The Relictors assault sqd and Chaplain set up in the bunker objective and convoy of tac sqd Rhino and Vindys and Pred rolled on. More sqds were embarked in 2 other Rhinos and the scouts with Telion-esque set up in the bastion. The Dred and a Combat sqd set up near the central fuel depot. Assault Termies and Librarian, Tac sqd drop pod and 2 Landspeeder Tornadoes held in reserve.

Turn 1. The UM LR rumbled slowly forward and failed to destroy its Pred target, a UM drop pod fell behind the Relictor held bastion objective and rhino drove toward the ruins on the UM left flank. The Relictors responded with fire from the Predator failing to damage the LR and the Rhino's sped down both flanks and disgorged their Tac sqd cargo joining the Assault sqd and Chaplain on the left flank. The Vindies moved slowly forward but their fire fell far short of their targets. (I chuckled slightly at the oversight-Jedi) Turn 2. The Relictor Pred disabled the LR tracks and the right flank Tac sqd doubled back to deal with the drop pod in their rear - the scouts shot up the UM drop troops before the Tac sqd assaulted - 3 UM survived, and what a pain they would become! (Indeed!!-Jedi) The combat sqd, Pred and Dred pushed on in the centre toward the temple double objective whilst the Vindies, Tac Sqd and Assault sqd pushed on toward the firebase. The UM answered back with a LR shot at the lead Rhino destroying its Stormbolter and some harassing fire from the Whirlwind at the combat squad now occupying the bunker.

Turn 3 saw the Relictor Dred get whacked by the UM Pred, in return the Relictor Pred couldn't quite fire back so it destroyed the UM Rhino following it instead. The Vindy in the Relictor rear sped towards the UM drop pod but was picked off with ease by the immobile LR leaving the troops to fend for themselves. 10 Tac Marines with fire support from the scouts above should see off the 3 UM troops? The Relictors rolled some terrible dice (The Emperor had guided 1's and 2's..-Jedi) and lost the combat leading them to flee straight off the board edge! Elsewhere, UM Assault troops dropped in to position themselves to take the bunker but the Relictor Assault Termies came in from reserve to destroy them. Other Relictors pushed in towards the centre objective and a drop pod arrived to counter the UM push in the centre.

Turn 4. The heaviest fighting occured near the centre between UM Tac Sqd and the newly arrived Relictor drop pod troops. The lone combat sqd survivor from a whirlwind barrage ran to the centre of the temple claiming the centre for the Relictors and the 2nd Rhino disgorged its Tac Sqd to reinforce the centre. Calgar and the UM Assault Termies finally completed their foot slogging to join in combat in the centre and a UM drop pod containing Tigurius and a Tac sqd landed in front of the Firebase and obliterated the Relictors surging forward to contest this corner then Fleet of Footed 18 inches to take out the Relictor Chaplain contesting the Firebase. (After some thought and heavy punishment from multiple Psychic shooting attacks and awesome CC, Siph thinks Tigurius is overpowered for 40k battles. Very annoying, must get one myself! - best for Apoc) (As long as you are on my side!!- Jedi) In the opposite corner the 2 UM drop pod survivors continued their unbelievable success and lauched a flamer attack on the Scouts occupying the Bastion killing the entire Bolter sqd and contesting the objective. The empty rhino on the Relictor right rammed the UM Pred causing no damage.

Turn 5. Calgar proved himself the God Of War as he tore through the Relictors in the centre but failed to destroy the entire sqd leaving the sole Veteran Sergeant from the combat sqd free to hold the centre for the Relictors... calling fire support, the UM Whirlwind and Vindicator opened up and bought a heavy barrage down on his head, killing him and burying the Relic out of the Relictors grasp. In return for the Tigurius killing spree over by the Firebase, the Relictor Vindicator placed a well aimed shell on his position and all the Psychic know-how can't save you from half a ton of explosive! The Relictor landspeeders finally made an appearance and zoomed to eradicate the pesky UM Drop Pod survivors finally and saw the Bastion back in Relictor hands.

The final result saw 2 Objectives each and no-one in the centre double-objective. The result, a draw and thoroughly enjoyable (except Tigurius! - Siph) game. Both sides Assault Termies foot slogging weakness' were shown, Calgar and his squad not getting action until turn 4 and Relictor Lib and sqd seeing no action after destroying the assault sqd. The luck of the dice showed in the UM drop troops in the Relictor rear with and outstanding performance from the flamer armed Tac Marine! He deserves a re-paint, re-sculpt and to be mounted on a plinth for his deeds! (It shall be done! - Jedi) Siph learned that the range of his new Vindicators is quite short and Whirlwinds are great nuisance weapons - gotta get one of those! Porn-Star-Jedi learnt (again) that the best laid transport plans of LR mounted Termies don't always go to plan but Calgar and Tigurius are indeed Gods Of War!


  1. This was a quality battle!! I'm looking forward to the rematch!!

  2. Very cool BR! I enjoyed the play by play and the nifty pictures!

    Thanks for posting.

  3. As you noted Tig's problem is that he is 2 wounds, no Inv (Unless you use one of your 3 powers per turn on the force dome, might not be a bad idea in general), and not an Eternal Warrior like a couple of the other high price special characters.


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