5 Apr 2009

Relictors Vindicator #1 of 3

So, here is the first (actually Vindicator No.3) of my Relictor Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron, as attached to my 5th Company. As I said in a previous post, I had a little help from my friends in Sri Lanka at http://www.paintedfigs.com/ to do the basic paint job for me before I painted and added all the detailing how I wanted it. The shot below shows one of the basic models fresh from the post and the 'bits' for one tank I've been constructing whilst waiting for them to arrive.

Once the tanks arrived I painted the Cupola Armoured Glass, Drivers Windscreen, applied transfers, added weathering and painted every rivet (lots of them). I then added the bits I've been busy doing, the Siege Shield and Pistons, Skull Motifs and Chains, Aquila, Gun Sensors, Auto Launchers (a little Chaos detailing - after all I am the Relictors), Ammo Hoist, Smoke Extractor Fan Assembly, Purity Seals, Name Scroll, Drivers Vision Guard and the Command Sensor for the Squadron Command tank (to follow).

The Ammo Hoist and Shell came up nicely. The shell case itself is simply Brazen Brass with a Devlan Mud wash and the projectile Bolt Gun Metal with a Badab Black wash. Weathering effects were mainly Calthan Brown and Graveyard Earth. (Oh, and only half painting points for this tank as I didn't do it all myself)
More pics of Vindicator Idaeus are available in the 'Finished Relictors' web album in the righthand sidebar >>>>


  1. It looks brilliant! Well done!

  2. Sweet lookin' vindi. All the extras look great. So could you estimate total cost + your own time for this guy?

  3. Another job well done. Looking forward to seeing the remaining two. :)

  4. Thanks everyone, number two well into production. Tristan, Linebreaker Sqdn was £50 online (i got a discount as i bought two), Paintedfigs was about $100 inc P&P for 5 tanks, so all in all this one cost about £29 and 6hrs painting/construction. Not bad eh, just over the RRP for a new one?

  5. Great weathering and attention to detail. You say you have 2 more? Can't wait to see them.


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