30 Nov 2018

Chaos Daemons - Daemons of Nurgle - 40k Additions

Hi All,

So the final 'Daemons Additions' for now, showing my completed additions to the Dameon army in the form of Nurgle units.

Great Unclean One

For this model I opted for the fail/sword combo. The model was based with Death Guard green, with dark angel green added to the parts that would be in shadows, then a highlight of an old goblin green colour, followed  with a wash with green/agrax to build up the colour. The boils were picked out with a deep yellow, and all the open wounds were painted similar to sights I've seen in operating theatres, with the opening of the wound having red outer colour, with a deep yellow for the 'fat'. The deeper recesses of the wounds were painted with a richer red, and had blood for the blood god added to add a shine to it. The intestines were painted purple to stand out. I then added Nurgle Rot into folds, and over certain parts of the model to add further details to the model.

Rotigus was painted similarly to the Great Unclean One, however this was over a Zandri Dust base to alter the hue of the model. The tentacles were painted going from purple to a pink tip. I also added some bright green to the 'force rod' to try to make the rod pop.  
Scabeiathrax the Bloated

Again I kept a similar scheme to the first GUO to keep the units looking like a force, I swapped the washes around so that the green went over the Agrax. The sword details were picked out with A rust dry brush which was strippled onto the sword to mimic rust. Typhus Corrosion was also added to add further detail to the sword.

Cor'bax Utterbright

For the Cor'bax model I moved away from Greens to make the model stand out, using a Zandri dust base, washed up with Agrax. The tentacles were painted to match the tongue in a deep purple to match the other units. Plenty of Nurgle Rot was used on this model!
Mamon Transfigured

I redid the initial scheme over Mamon to fit with the other models, further washes of Green and Agrax was added, as well as Nurgle Rot. The wounds were also picked out like the GUO.


9 Bases of Nurglings, all painted as per the Great Unclean one, with details added to stand out such as the wounds, tongues and eyes. I really like the overall look of all 9 together, that they all tie in, but also would look good as a single model.
Giant Chaos Spawn

This conversation used the 'watcher from the Deep' model (Which I loved the moment I saw it) as a Giant Spawn, pulling its weight over a down Imperial Knight, (Which might be of a similar colour to Siph's..) The model again was painted a similar scheme as the GUO, with the knight painted Blue, with plenty of browns around the edge to represent mud and dirt.

Hope you like the Disgustingly Resilient amounts of Nurgle reinforcements...

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (64 points to the annual painting total)
  • 10 for GuO
  • 10 for Rotigus
  • 10 for Scabeiathrax 
  • 10 For Cor'bax
  • 5 for Mamon (updated old model)
  • 9 for Nurglings
  • 10 for Giant Spawn

26 Nov 2018

Legio Astorum Reaver Titan Up-Gunned - Dual Turbo Laser Destructor

Hi Titan Engineseers, welcome back. So, as I mentioned before, Reaver Honorum did well at the June's Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2018, despite the standard Reaver armanent of Gatling Blaster, Apoc Launcher and Reaver Triple Laser Blaster... for the next walk I wanted some more hitting power for Titan Vs Titan, so I completed a Reaver Volcan Cannon and now a carapace Dual Turbo Laser Destructor.
The WIP pictures of the conversion are HERE, and now completed I think it looks epic, the additional pieces blend in well and look the part.
I added some colour with the red Lenses and laser-sights, and trimmed the Astorum Blue with gold.
The additional hatch cover blends in well now the gold rim matches the trim. I kept the hatch metal and functional.
Here is the cap mounting piece, with magnet for a firm hold. I also coloured the Aquila even though no-one will see it.
The barrels were heat stained with a simple recipe of Sepia, Purple, Blue and Nuln Oil with a light black drybrush on the business end.
And here it is on Reaver Honorum in all its glory, now bristling with Titan stopping power! A certainly more powerful punch than a Gatling Blaster and Apoc Launcher, now with 3D3 S10 Laser Blaster, D6 S25 Volcano Cannon and 2D3 S16 Turbo Laser Destructor weaponry tailored to kill Warlords!
I think my additions to Honorum match fairly well with Slayer Sword winner Richard Gray who did the titan for me, what a genius, my gold is a little warmer than Rich's recipe but I don't think it is too noticeable. His blending is a whole lot better than I could ever achieve and his airbrush work is spot on. I used transfers from the Legio Astorum Decal Sheet now OOP... but I bought a few in the last chance sale.
Ready to face the TOC traitors once again... Lyden P's Legio Fureans!
How many Lasers is enough? My next Reaver (after the long suffering Warlord..) will be a dual wielding Triple Laser Blaster and carapace Dual Turbo Laser Destructor - so eight barrels of titan killing Lasers!
And a final shot of the new up-gunned weaponry. Cheers for reading this far, thanks for dropping by.

Cheers, Siph. (10 Painting Points for Titan sized additional weaponry)

23 Nov 2018

Legio Crucius Warhound Titan - WIP #2 - Construction of Torso

Hi All,

I am beginning to make some progress with the 2nd Legio Crucius Warhound, with the body of the Warhound pinned and glued into place using JB Weld. The torso and pelvis has already had magnets added to allow the legs/body to be separated for transportation.
I've started looking at potential poses for the legs, with progress of this should be ready enough to be shown next week I'm hoping.

Thanks again for stopping by!


18 Nov 2018

Relictors Space Marine Battle Company on Parade - Nov 2018

Relictors - November 2018
Relictors - Jun 2009
Relictors - Feb 2016

Hello readers, thanks for dropping by. A treat for the eyes today I think. I occassionally get the minis out of the display cabinets enmasse when a spring clean is required which presents an opportunity to have a photo shoot. So, here is the 5th Company Relictors Chapter Space Marines with Armoury Support Pool and elements of 4th Company and of course a maniple of Legio Astorum Titans - because they make a great back drop!
The Bikers led by a 'jet'Bike Captain.
The core 5th Company 6x Tactical Squads, 2x Devastator and Transports.
The core 2x Assault Squads making the 10 Squads of 5th Company.
The Command, led by Marneus Relicgar... and Damocles Command Rhino
The Librarius
The Chaplaincy
The Ancient Brothers in the Dreadnoughts
The Heavy Support
More Heavy Support and Artillery and Air Wing
More of the Specialist Heavy Support
Xiphon Fighter with the supporting Titans of Legio Astorum
4th Company MkVI Corvus Armoured Brothers (RTB01 Beakies), more Command and Centurions
4th Company Squads led by Vulkan Re'stan, more Command and Centurions
Scouts from 10th Company
A Relic Rhino from the Transport Pool, dwarfed by its modern Heavy Tanks
The honoured Terminus Ultra Pattern Landraider and Linebreaker Squadron of Vindicators.
The Air Wing and Relic Landspeeder
There you go, hopefully you enjoyed these pics, 5th Company Relictors and support. By all means not finished yet, I still officially have the Company Champion to complete before the Battle Company as was is completed, but on the to-do pile for 'old marines' before I can move on to nu-Primaris - I still have:

Storm Raven, Storm Eagle Gunship, Land Raider Crusader, Scout Landspeeder Storm, Scout CCW x 5, Scout Bolter x 5, Veterans Rhino, Deimos Predator Plasma, Deimos Predator Melta, Fellblade Superheavy, Caestus Assault Ram, Tactical Squad x 20 (BatC), Tactical Squad x 20 (BofP), Devastator Squads - HB x5 / LC x4 / Grav x 5 / MM x5; Sternguard Squad w/ Combi Weapons x 10, Vanguard Veterans Squad x 5, Assault Squad w/ Eviscerator x 5, Bike Squad x10, Librarian on Bike, Chaplain on Bike, Chapter Master AOS Conversion, Captain w/ Plasma Pistol (LE), Captain w/ Power Fist (LE), Terminator Captain w/ Power Sword, Terminator Assault Squad w/ Skull Storm Shields x 5, Cataphrachti Terminator Squad x 5, Tartaros Terminator Squad x 5, Terminator Librarian in Tartaros Terminator Armour, Legion Praetor, Legion Praetor in Tartaros Terminator Armour, Company Champion and a RTB04 Predator....

Plenty to keep me going into retirement!... and this is just one of my many armies. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed the pictures and see you soon,

Cheers, Siph.
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