18 Nov 2018

Relictors Space Marine Battle Company on Parade - Nov 2018

Relictors - November 2018
Relictors - Jun 2009
Relictors - Feb 2016

Hello readers, thanks for dropping by. A treat for the eyes today I think. I occassionally get the minis out of the display cabinets enmasse when a spring clean is required which presents an opportunity to have a photo shoot. So, here is the 5th Company Relictors Chapter Space Marines with Armoury Support Pool and elements of 4th Company and of course a maniple of Legio Astorum Titans - because they make a great back drop!
The Bikers led by a 'jet'Bike Captain.
The core 5th Company 6x Tactical Squads, 2x Devastator and Transports.
The core 2x Assault Squads making the 10 Squads of 5th Company.
The Command, led by Marneus Relicgar... and Damocles Command Rhino
The Librarius
The Chaplaincy
The Ancient Brothers in the Dreadnoughts
The Heavy Support
More Heavy Support and Artillery and Air Wing
More of the Specialist Heavy Support
Xiphon Fighter with the supporting Titans of Legio Astorum
4th Company MkVI Corvus Armoured Brothers (RTB01 Beakies), more Command and Centurions
4th Company Squads led by Vulkan Re'stan, more Command and Centurions
Scouts from 10th Company
A Relic Rhino from the Transport Pool, dwarfed by its modern Heavy Tanks
The honoured Terminus Ultra Pattern Landraider and Linebreaker Squadron of Vindicators.
The Air Wing and Relic Landspeeder
There you go, hopefully you enjoyed these pics, 5th Company Relictors and support. By all means not finished yet, I still officially have the Company Champion to complete before the Battle Company as was is completed, but on the to-do pile for 'old marines' before I can move on to nu-Primaris - I still have:

Storm Raven, Storm Eagle Gunship, Land Raider Crusader, Scout Landspeeder Storm, Scout CCW x 5, Scout Bolter x 5, Veterans Rhino, Deimos Predator Plasma, Deimos Predator Melta, Fellblade Superheavy, Caestus Assault Ram, Tactical Squad x 20 (BatC), Tactical Squad x 20 (BofP), Devastator Squads - HB x5 / LC x4 / Grav x 5 / MM x5; Sternguard Squad w/ Combi Weapons x 10, Vanguard Veterans Squad x 5, Assault Squad w/ Eviscerator x 5, Bike Squad x10, Librarian on Bike, Chaplain on Bike, Chapter Master AOS Conversion, Captain w/ Plasma Pistol (LE), Captain w/ Power Fist (LE), Terminator Captain w/ Power Sword, Terminator Assault Squad w/ Skull Storm Shields x 5, Cataphrachti Terminator Squad x 5, Tartaros Terminator Squad x 5, Terminator Librarian in Tartaros Terminator Armour, Legion Praetor, Legion Praetor in Tartaros Terminator Armour, Company Champion and a RTB04 Predator....

Plenty to keep me going into retirement!... and this is just one of my many armies. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoyed the pictures and see you soon,

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Wonderful collection of pictures, especially for me to show my partner. Will help convince them I am not thay bad. ;)

    1. I’m here to serve Rory, here to serve! Haha

  2. Wow, what an amazing looking force dude, you should be justifiably proud :)

    1. Thanks Carl, it did feel good seeing them all lined up :)

  3. That is an impressive sight. I have never been able to stay focused on one army long enough to accumulate such a cohesive force, so I am an truly in awe. Grand work.

    1. Its a labour of love, but don't think I wasn't distracted - I have lots of other armies... just let the Hobby Butterfly flutter whenever it takes you..

  4. No words to say that is great.


  5. An inspiring and daunting collection, Siph! Yikes...

  6. Good lord! I dunno if I've ever painted that many minis! I certainly haven't done so in a consistent color scheme like this, I don't have that kind of dedication. Most impressive sir, most impressive!!

  7. Clyde, DAM, DMC, thank you very much. But fear not, it’s not all in one go, I get distracted too. Still have lots more to add :) it’s a good place to be.

  8. The next time you get them all out for a family portrait, do let me know and I'll come down and bask in the rays of hobby goodness your assembled army gives off.

    And then we can contrive a cockamamie plan to line 72AG and the rellies 5Co together.... My garden is big enough, but we'll need another three tables.

  9. Spectacular! It's been awesome watching your Relictors force grow over the years, and a big ol' family photo is awesome!

  10. Zzzzzz, I doubt you have enough tables even with another three, I’ll be adding to the force between now and then! Haha. Thanks mate.
    Mordian7th, thanks man. See this is what happens when you don’t sell off your projects, they get out of hand lol. I’ll do an army shot of the AdMech when I clean them too, nowhere as impressive size wise, but it contains some genuine Mordian7th heritage... speaking of which, Zzzzzz was the recipient of my Vorax and I the recipient of yours... just need Zzzzzz to paint you three and the circle is complete.


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