9 Nov 2018

Abaddon the Despoiler WIP 2

Hi One and All,

So I've done some further work on my Abaddon model, using the FW Horus model as the base.

 I've used key parts from the Abaddon model, and cut them away from the old resin model and added these to the Horus model. Previously I had tried to model the pipe work, however I wasn't happy with it (see Link below)


So, I've had a few goes using the Green Stuff roller, and here are the results.. I'm happy with the size and the look of the model, the next process is to model the eye from Abaddon's should pauldron, under the wolf cloak. I will then start the process of painting him up.. hopefully before the new model drops..

Cheers LH


  1. I quite like the thickness of the new cables.

  2. Yes, MUCH better than the actual model that desperately needs a rescuplt!

  3. Very cool conversion. Much better to scale and quite convincing. Nice!

  4. I'm loving this. Awesome job.

  5. The model is looking siiick!
    Such a cool conversion of an already sweet FW mini.

  6. Kool beans. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Black Legion.


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