31 Mar 2009

Relictor Sternguard Veteran #2

I have just put the finishing touches to the second of my squad of ten. Here is the latest addition, with cloak as requested by Inner Geek. I have two cloaks so another mini will get the other, one has grey fur and one brown.

This Sternguard is an old Blood Angels Death Company marine with the blood-drop icon on the greave laurel carefully removed and a tiny skull put in its place (fiddly). I also removed the blood-drop icon from the chain on the left thigh. His left kneepad, shoulder trim and bone coloured helmet denotes he is a member of 1st Company, Veteran Company and the right shoulder displays a veteran badge.
I didn't use the converted bolter with drum magazine on this one as I haven't painted it yet and will use that on a marine without a cloak. But, I added a scope befitting of his veteran status. The cloak inside is layered and blended Mechrite Red and Hormagaunt Purple up to Blood Red (a really good organic colour if you are doing Nids), the outer side layered Graveyard Earth to Commando Khaki


  1. Ok the cloak rocks. Luckily (among millions of other things) I have some marauders laying around that I bought for bits. Woohoo!

  2. I'm loving these sternguard. Simple conversions but really striking when completed!

    Looking forward to the rest of the squad.

  3. The cloak is great - is it marauders?
    Great touch - I think a squad of them with cloaks would be awesome looking.

  4. Jabber, yes it is WFB Chaos Marauders Champions Cape.

    All, thanks for your comments. Gonna get distracted with some heavy support before i finish the squad.


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