30 Mar 2009

Simple Sternguard Bolter Conversion

Continuing my Sternguard theme at the moment, I saw completed versions of these on a friends Photbucket album and thought I'd have a go at it. Really simple effective conversion for upgrading your plastic marines to Sternguard or Characters.

Simple cutting and filing the Rhino Vehicle Accessory Storm Bolter, one gun will give you two magazines. Remove the normal magazine as shown and glue. Scope is from the SM Tactical Weapons Sprue or even the AOBR marines.

Kantor Base was asking about conversions to make some sternguard, hope this helps. Just add some suitable bits from the Black Templar Upgrade box, Dark Angel Veteran Box, Chaos SM Box, Command Squad box or even WFB Chaos Marauders box (I've used some cloaks with a notch cut for the rear of the marine torso - WIP, complete soon.

See my other Simple conversions: Combi-Melta or Vehicle Storm Bolter. Hope these help.


  1. Oh, I'd really like to see that cloak on a marine!

  2. I like the simple addition of the big ammo bin. I would not be surprised if this is how they did the sculps for the metal.

    I just added scopes and bionic eyes and such to my sternguard.

  3. Very nice conversions! I have also used the storm bolter mags as well as the drum mag from the Ork Shoota for my Crimson Fist Sternguard. I'll have up on my blog soon. Keep up the good work!

  4. that look simple and easy to do! Feel like trying myself this evening.

    thanks for the tips and I'll be keeping a close eye on progress!

  5. Very cool and looks very simple to pull off! Thanks for the tips

  6. Excellent post, i'm hopeing to do another 5 sternguard soon and your last 2 posts are a great help. The cloak is really good.

  7. Looking good, that cloack really fits well on a Relictor. In addition you could also make barrel-loaded bolters to represent the Sternguard's more advanced weaponry:



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