26 Mar 2009

Heavy Support WIP

Just a quick update to what is on my painting table at the moment. I have recently dispatched an order to www.PaintedFigs.com to paint some of my tanks for me, however, although they provide an excellent 'standard' service, I wanted to do all the fine detailing myself so I sent stripped down versions of the tanks to them. When they return I will embellish them with weathering, touch ups to my exacting specifications and add all these bits and pieces plus transfers etc.

I know the purists out there will say I should do the whole project myself but, hey I haven't that much time and a huge project list (see the right hand bar! A reaver is sitting there calling to be started proper (for you Inner Geek), plus 2 Devestator squads, Veterans, Assault troops, Full Command etc etc) and they are just doing the basecoating and highlighting the basic model. All the time consuming 'boring' bits in my mind and they're super cheap to boot.

As you can see, the devil is in the detail - and this way I get to 'own' the tank again. Troops are different, there is no 'boring' expanses and it is all detail work. My Landraiders will gladly be my own work from top to tail as I want the insides painted too. Look out for the future results of these WIP Vindicators...


  1. Nothing wrong with getting a little help. Especially when you have a lot of projects, or the there is a part of one that is just not that enjoyable for you. The point is to have a good time. I'll probably be suckering Ron over at From the Warp into making banners for the Reaver...

    Speaking of which... if you aren't going to get around to that Reaver of yours... I'll take it off your hands. At a discount of course ;)

    Seriously, get to work!

  2. Inner G, just so many other 'smaller, less frightening' projects keep popping their heads up - but, yes we must bite the bullet, the longest journey starts with just a small step... or 4 big ones if you count the duo of Reavers!

  3. I've got the feet out the box yesterday.. does that count as starting?

  4. I wish I have help!

    Agree with Inner Geek there, a lil help wont hurt especially if there's a lot to be done. After all painting/assembly is just one aspect of the hobby

    I'm waiting for my vindicator to arrive too, cant wait to get started!


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